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Mathematical Aspects of Consciousness

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Year 2021

Quantum Gravitation and Topological Quantum Computation (13.5.2022)

Year 2021

Could the number field of computable reals (p-adics) be enough for physics? (8.11. 2021).

The idea of Connes about inherent time evolution of certain algebraic structures from TGD point of view (25.3. 2021).

Still about the notion of causal indefiniteness in TGD framework (25.3.2021)

Year 2020

MIP*= RE: What could this mean physically? (27.8. 2020).

What next in TGD? (16.7. 2020).

Fermionic variant of M8-H duality (8.7. 2020).

How the life cycle of self could corresponds to a transition to chaos as iteration of polynomial? (9.6. 2020).

Year 2019

McKay correspondence, ADE hierarchy, and inclusions of hyperfinite factors in number theoretical vision(21.5. 2019)

Year 2010

How infinite primes could correspond to quantum states and space-time surfaces? (13.1.2010)

Year 2009

Vision about quantization of Planck constant (19.1.2009)

Year 2008

Has dark matter at the magnetic flux tubes been photographed? (25.5.2008)

Infinite primes and algebraic Brahman=Atman identity (7.5.2008)

Configuration space gamma matrices as hyper-octonion valued conformal fields having values in HFF? (7.5.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XIII (12.3.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer and ageing (28.2.2008)

On direct testing of quantum consciousness (23.2.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XII (20.2.2008)

Prime Hilbert spaces and infinite primes (5.2.2008)

Summary of possible symmetries of DNA suggested by the model of topological quantum computation (30.1.2008)

Transposons and anomalous em charge? (29.1.2008)

What selected the bio-molecules? (29.1.2008)

Structure and function of tRNA in braid picture (27.1.2008)

Programming of bio-molecular self assembly pathways from TGD point of view (27.1.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XI (11.1.2008)

About the arrow of psychological time and notion of self: once again! (7.1.2008)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: X (6.1.2008)

Year 2007

DNA as a topological quantum computer: IX (27.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VIII (26.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VIII (26.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VII (18.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VI (17.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: V (13.12.2007)

One element field, quantum measurement theory and its q-variant, and the Galois fields associated with infinite primes (11.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: IV (11.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: III (9.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: II (1.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer (1.11.2007)

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

A further generalization of the notion of imbedding space (21.9.2007)

A little crazy speculation about knots and infinite primes (31.8.2007)

How to represent algebraic complex numbers as geometric objects? (3.8.2007)

Is it possible to have a set with -1 elements? (3.8.2007)

Intronic portions of genome code for RNA: for what purpose? (16.6.2007)

Farey sequences, Riemann Hypothesis, tangles, and TGD (14.6.2007)

Quantum Quandaries (17.5.2007)

Platonism, Constructivism, and Quantum Platonism (14.5.2007)

Sierpinski topology and quantum measurement theory with finite measurement resolution (10.5.2007)

Jones inclusions and the construction of S-matrix and U-matrix (16.2.2007)

About infinite primes, points of the world of classical worlds, and configuration space spinor fields (12.1.2007)

Updated vision about infinite primes (6.1.2007)

Year 2006

Algebraic Brahman=Atman Identity and Algebraic Holography (6.12.2006)

Has dark matter been observed? (4.8.2006)

Infinite primes, cognition, and intentionality (29.7.2006)

Tree like structure for the imbedding space (24.5.2006)

Precise definition of the notion of unitarity for Connes tensor product (24.5.2006)

Does the quantization of Planck constant transform integer quantum Hall effect to fractional quantum Hall effect? (18.5.2006)

Large values of Planck constant and coupling constant evolution (16.5.2006)

Could the basic parameters of TGD be fixed by a number theoretical miracle? (13.5.2006)

New results in planetary Bohr orbitology (10.5.2006)

Connes tensor product as universal interaction, quantization of Planck constant, McKay correspondence, etc... (8.5.2006)

Von Neumann inclusions, quantum group, and quantum model for beliefs (25.4.2006)

Does TGD reduce to inclusion sequence of number theoretic von Neumann algebras?(24.4.2006)

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