1. Introduction

  2. Discussion of the basic concepts and ideas

    1. Do negative energy space-time sheets have counterparts in quantum field theory?

    2. Pulses, Tesla transformers, and binary coils

    3. Could negative energy photons induce transition to effective super-conductivity?

  3. The scalar waves of Tesla in TGD framework

    1. The properties of the scalar waves

    2. Could non-linearity of TGD allow scalar waves?

    3. Lowest order solution ansatz

    4. First order corrections to the solution ansatz

    5. Properties of the solution ansatz

    6. More general solutions representing electric field of constant action density are possible

    7. Support for Tesla's scalar waves/Z0 MEs

  4. Does the model explain the observations of Tesla?

    1. Switching the current on as time reversal for switching the current off

    2. Do scalar wave pulses appear also outside the circuits?

    3. Why the radiation observed by Tesla was so difficult to detect using photography?

    4. How Tesla transformer manages to yield so high voltage amplification?

    5. Why no current was observed in the secondaries of Tesla transformers?

  5. Super-luminal velocities, massless extremals, and quantum jumps between quantum histories

    1. General model for super-luminal velocities

    2. Quantitative model

    3. Possible technological implications