1. Introduction

  2. Basic vision

    1. Quantum-classical correspondence

    2. Classical physics as exact part of quantum theory

    3. p-Adic physics as physics of cognition and intentionality

    4. The core ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology

  3. TGD based view about life

    1. The notion of magnetic body

    2. Time mirror mechanism as a fundamental mechanism transforming intentions to actions

    3. Applications of time mirror mechanism

    4. Vision about the evolution of life

    5. Could simple life forms be induced by intentional action?

  4. How advanced civilization could study cosmos?

    1. Why space travel is not a good idea?

    2. Time mirror mechanism as an ideal tool for the study of the Universe

    3. What aliens are?

    4. Have more advanced civilizations performed genetic engineering at Earth?

    5. Fermi paradox

    6. Dark matter hierarchy as a solution of Fermi paradox?

  5. What UFOs are?

    1. UFOs as plasmoids?

    2. UFOs made of copper and steel?

    3. Are flying saucers necessarily living systems?