• Basic ideas of TGD

    1. TGD as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation

    2. TGD as a generalization of the hadronic string model

    3. Fusion of the two approaches via a generalization of the space-time concept

  • The five threads in the development of quantum TGD

    1. Quantum TGD as configuration space spinor geometry

    2. p-Adic TGD

    3. TGD as a generalization of physics to a theory of consciousness

    4. TGD as a generalized number theory

    5. Dynamical quantized Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

  • Bird's eye of view about the contents of the book

  • The contents of the book

    1. Anomalies related to the classical weak force and gravitation

    2. The notion of free energy many-sheeted space-time concept

    3. Strange effects related to rotating magnetic systems

    4. Did Tesla discover the mechanism changing the arrow of time?

    5. Ufos, Aliens, and the New Physics