1. Introduction

  2. Cold fusion and Trojan horse mechanism

    1. Exotic quarks and charged color bonds as a common denominator of anomalous phenomena

    2. The experiments of Ditmire et al

    3. Brief summary of cold fusion

    4. TGD inspired model of cold fusion

    5. Do nuclear reaction rates depend on environment?

  3. Cold fusion, plasma electrolysis, biological transmutations, and burning salt water

    1. The data

    2. H1.5 anomaly and string model

    3. A model for the observations of Mizuno

    4. Comparison with the model of deuterium cold fusion

    5. What happens to OH bonds in plasma electrolysis?

    6. A model for plasma electrolysis

    7. Tests and improvements

  4. Anomalies possibly related to electrolysis of water and cold fusion

    1. Burning salt water by radio-waves and cold fusion by plasma electrolysis

    2. Could q-Laguerre equation relate to the claimed fractionation of the principal quantum number for hydrogen atom?

    3. Comparison with the reports about biological transmutations

    4. Are the abundances of heavier elements determined by cold fusion in interstellar medium?

  5. Cold fusion and sonolumiscence

    1. Basic ideas about cold fusion

    2. Does Rossi's reactor give rise to cold fusion?

    3. Sono-luminescence, classical $Z^0$ force, and hydrodynamic hierarchy of p-adic length scales

  6. Does ZPE have TGD counterpart?

    1. Moddell and ZPE

    2. To what ZPE corresponds in TGD Universe?

    3. Hierarchy of Planck constants

    4. How p-adic length scale hypothesis and hierarchy of Planck constants are related?

  7. TGD inspired model of Brown's gas and related phenomena

    1. Brown's gas

    2. Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water

    3. A model for Brown's gas

    4. About implications of the new view about what happens in water splitting

    5. Lightings and life

    6. Could electrolysis alone produce energy?

    7. Comment about hydrinos

    8. Does dark biology represent pre- or post-biotic evolution?

  8. The "impossible" EM drive

    1. Basic facts about EM drive

    2. The problem and its solution in TGD Universe

    3. TGD view about the standing waves in wave guide

  9. Hydrinos again

    1. Is there a connection with TGD based model for cold fusion?

    2. Hydrino as dark atom?