1. Introduction

    1. TGD based view about dark matter

    2. The identification of long range classical weak gauge fields as correlates for dark massless weak bosons

    3. New effects related to the new space-time concept

    4. Some gravitational anomalies

    5. Anomalies related to Z0 force in astrophysical length scales

    6. Anomalies related to rotating systems

  2. The new view about inertial and gravitational energy

    1. Two manners to circumvent the infinite vacuum energy

    2. Zero energy vacuum is matter-antimatter asymmetric

    3. Creation of matter from vacuum by annihilation of laser waves and their phase conjugates?

    4. Re-interpretation of TGD inspired cosmology

  3. Some gravitational anomalies

    1. Anomalous time dilation effects due to warping as basic distinction between TGD and GRT

    2. Anomalies related to spinning astrophysical objects

  4. Is electro-gravity possible in TGD framework?

    1. Classical gravitational fields for space-time surfaces for which CP2 projection corresponds to a homologically non-trivial geodesic sphere

    2. TGD does not predict anomalously large coupling of gravitation to classical gauge fields

    3. Gravito-Maxwell field associated with a dipole field

  5. Allais effect and TGD

    1. Introduction

    2. Could gravitational screening explain Allais effect /p>

    3. Allais effect as evidence for large values of gravitational Planck constant?

    4. Could Z0 force be present?

  6. Dark Z0 force in astrophysical length scales

    1. The regularities in radio active decay rates linked to astrophysical cycles

    2. Torsion fields or Z0 fields?

  7. How to test the presence of the Z0 force in micrometer-millimeter length scale range?

    1. Scaling law for dark Z0 charges

    2. How to directly test the presence of classical Z0 force?

  8. Appendix: Allais effect as manifestation of classical Z0 force?

    1. Screening of dark Z0 MEs emitted by Sun as an explanation of Allais effect?

    2. Quantitative picture