1. Introduction

    1. Anomalies associated with rotating magnetic systems

    2. Possible other similar systems

  2. Summary about the New Physics effects predicted by TGD

    1. The new view about the relationship between gravitational and inertial energy

    2. Generalized four-wave mechanism as a basic mechanism of remote metabolism

    3. The classical Z0 fields as TGD counterpart for torsion fields

    4. Gravitational anomalies and many-sheeted space-time

    5. Questions related to the vacuum charge densities associated with rotating systems

  3. About strange effects related to rotating magnetic systems

    1. The experiment, the observed effects, and their interpretation in TGD framework

    2. The electric fields associated with rotating magnetic fields

    3. A classical model for the weight change and spontaneous acceleration involving only em and Z0 fields and Faraday effect

    4. The role of the material composition of the system

    5. Magnetic fields associated with the Searl device

    6. Remote energy and angular momentum transfer in rotating magnetic systems

    7. Connection with the dark matter hierarchy

    8. A general catastrophe theoretic model for the spontaneous acceleration

    9. Discussion

  4. Effects related to Searl effect

    1. N-machine of DePalma and space-energy generator of Tewari

    2. Tewari machine two decades later

    3. Some anomalies related to the behavior of spinning systems

  5. Project Flyaway and Searl effect

    1. Description of the device

    2. About the bi-filar coils

    3. Trying to explain the claimed effects

  6. More about magnetic motors

    1. Observations

    2. Explanation for the absence of eddy currents

    3. AC or DC motor cannot be in question

    4. What could be the source of power and angular momentum?

    5. A TGD inspired model for Yildiz motor

    6. Cautious conclusion and questions

  7. Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems

    1. Development of ideas

    2. ZEO based view about rotating magnetic systems

    3. BSFR as a general mechanism of free energy phenomena?

  8. Appendix

    1. Some general facts about classical solutions of field equations

    2. Could spontaneous acceleration be due to the change of inertial mass?

    3. Gravitational interactions and dark matter and MB