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p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis

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Year 2021

Neutrinos and TGD (31.10. 2021).

Anomalous anomalous magnetic moment of muon as breaking of lepton universality (14.4. 2021).

Can one regard leptons as effectively local 3-quark composites? (17.2. 2021).

Year 2020

Indications for an axion-like state in mass range 1.7 eV from XENON(19.6. 2020).

New particle not predicted by standard model discovered?(10.3. 2020).

Year 2019

But can one calculate anything?(31.8. 2019).

The recent view about SUSY in TGD Universe(30.8. 2019).

96 GeV bump (2019) as electroweak pseudoscalar predicted by TGD?(18.6. 2019)

SUSY in TGD Universe(18.6. 2019)

M8-H Duality and the Two Manners to Describe Particles(2.6. 2019)

Do Supertwistors Make Sense in TGD?(2.6. 2019)

Evidence for a new pseudo-vector particle?(25.3. 2019).

A new twist in proton spin crisis(17.3. 2019).

Aleph anomaly just refuses to disappear(17.3. 2019).

SUSY after LHC(5.3. 2019).

Year 2018

Still about quark gluon plasma and M89 physics(30.10. 2018)

TGD view about ANITA anomalous events(8.10. 2018)

New indications for the third generation of weak bosons(5.10. 2018)

How to describe family replication phenomenon gauge theoretically?(17.6. 2018)

Further evidence for the third generation of weak bosons(13.6. 2018)

LSND anomaly is here again! (4.6. 2018)

Strange spin asymmetry at RHIC(10.1. 2018)

Year 2017

Further support for second generation of electroweak bosons(5.12. 2017)

Encountering the inert neutrino once again(9.7. 2017)

Newest indications for dark M89 hadrons(14.5. 2017)

Anomalous J/Ψ production and TGD(11.5. 2017)

Phase transition from M107 hadron physics to M89 hadron physics as counterpart for de-confinement phase transition?(1.5. 2017)

Breaking of lepton universality seems to be real(23.4. 2017)

Getting even more quantitative about CP violation(21.4. 2017)

How the QFT-GRT limit of TGD differs from QFT and GRT?(18.4. 2017)

About parity violation in hadron physics(14.4. 2017)

Could second generation of weak bosons explain the reduction of proton charge radius?(14.3. 2017)

Two different lifetimes for neutron as evidence for dark protons(3.2. 2017)

Year 2016

Delicacies of the induced spinor structure and SUSY mystery(6.12.2016)

Muon surplus in high energy cosmic ray showers as an indication for new hadron physics(10.11.2016)

Critizing the view about elementary particles(8.11.2016)

Toponium at 30.4 GeV?(23.10.2016)

Still about induced spinor fields and TGD counterpart for Higgs(9.10.2016)

Misbehaving b-quarks and the magnetic body of proton (10.8.2016)

Is the new physics really so elementary as believed? (7.8.2016)

Nothing new at LHC? (5.8.2016)

CKM mixing in leptonic sector? (1.8.2016)

Evidence for M89 ρ or ω (29.3.2016)

Direct evidence for Z' a la TGD and M89 J/Psi (25.3.2016)

Year 2015

New indications for the new physics predicted by TGD (18.12.2015)

Could leptoquarks be squarks in TGD sense? (29.11.2015)

Indications for the breaking of lepton universality from higher generations of weak bosons (7.9.2015)

Indication for a scaled variant of Z boson(4.9.2015)

Does color deconfinement really occur?(23.8.2015)

Could MG,79 hadron physics be seen at LHC?(21.7.2015)

Criticality of Higgs: is Planck length dogmatics physically feasible?(24.6.2015)

Have lepto-quarks been observed in the decays of B mesons?(27.1.2015)

What could be the TGD counterpart of SUSY(26.1.2015)

Some comments about τ-μ anomaly of Higgs decays and anomalies of B meson decays (22.1.2015)

Year 2014

Large parity breaking effects at RHIC? (2.11.2014)

Higgs and p-adic mass calculations (25.7.2014)

Experimental evidence for sterile neutrino? (20.02.2014)

Year 2013

New results from PHENIX concerning quark gluon plasma (11.12.2013)

Has IceCube detected neutrinos coming from decays of p-adically scaled up copies of weak bosons?

(17.9. 2013).

AMS results about dark matter(5.4. 2013).

3 sigma evidence for kaons of M89 hadron physics?(13.3. 2013).

Right-handed neutrino as inert neutrino?(21.1. 2013).

Year 2012

Could N=2 or N=4 SUSY have something to do with TGD?(31.12. 2012).

Scattering amplitudes and positive Grassmannian(31.12. 2012).

Anomalous like sign dimuons at LHC?(27.12. 2012).

Is there a connection between preferred extremals and AdS4/CFT correspondence?(11.12. 2012).

Could correlation functions, S-matrix, and coupling constant evolution be coded the statistical properties of preferred extremals?(10.12. 2012).

Preferred extremals of Kähler action as manifolds with constant Ricci scalar whose geometric invariants are topological invariants(5.12.2012).

LHC might have produced new matter: are M89 hadrons in question?(28.11.2012).

About the basic assumptions behind p-adic mass calculations(16.11.2012).

Higgs like states according to TGD after HCP2012(16.11.2012).

To deeper waters(12.11.2012).

Two options for Higgs like states in TGD framework(11.11.2012).

Could Higgs mechanism provide a description of p-adic particle massivation at QFT limit?(15.10.2012).

What about the relationship of gravitational Planck constant to ordinary Planck constant?(17.9.2012).

Fractional quantum Hall effect and dark matter hierarchy(17.9.2012).

New evidence for anomalies of radio-active decay rates(2.8.2012).


Low mass exotic mesonic structures as evidence for dark scaled down variants of weak bosons?(21.8.2012).

M8-H duality, preferred extremals, criticality, and Mandelbrot fractals(15.8.2012).

Cautious conclusions from TGD based description of gauge boson massivation(10.8.2012).

Why standard space-time SUSY is not possible in TGD framework?(10.8.2012).

Susy in TGD Universe(9.8.2012).

Higgs or something else?(9.8.2012).

Pseudo-scalar Higgs as Euclidian pion?(4.8.2012).

Is it M89 pion?(4.8.2012).

Is it really Higgs?(3.8.2012).

Refraction of gamma rays from silicon crystals?(29.5.2012).

Indications for M89 hadron physics from cosmic ray events (26.4.2012).

Has Fermi detected dark matter?(17.4.2012).

The particle spectrum predicted by TGD and TGD based SUSY(3.4.2012).

More evidence for the existence of IR Regge trajectories(15.2.2012).

Year 2011

Objection against covariantly constant neutrinos as SUSY generators(18.12.2012).

Higgs or M89 hadron physics?(18.12.2011).

QCD and TGD(8.12.2011).

Higgs and me (6.12.2011).

Nuclear physics objections against Rossi's reactor(28.11.2011).

Cold fusion irritates again(28.11.2011).

CMS observes large diphoton excess(2.11.2011).

More about strange charged trilepton events(23.10.2011).

3-jet and 9-jet events as a further evidence for M89 hadron physics?(23.10.2011).

Strange trilepton events at CMS(21.10.2011).

Latest data about Higgs searches and M89 hadron physics(15.10.2011).

Does shadronization explain the failure to discover SUSY?(13.10.2011).

Do X and Y mesons provide evidence for color excited quarks?(12.10.2011).

Where did the Lithium go?(3.9.2011).

MSSM and TGD(31.7.2011).

The masses of u and d quarks of M89 hadron physics(20.7.2011).

Has CMS detected λ baryon of M89 hadron physics?(19.7.2011).

Black holes at LHC or just scaled up bottonium?(17.6.2011).

How to understand CDF-D0 discrepancy concerning 150 GeV resonance?(11.6.2011).

The simplest model for CDF bump(8.6.2011).

CDF 150 GeV bump seems real!(31.5.2011).

Has PAMELA observed evidence for the non-dark electro-pion of M89 leptohadron physics?(18.5.2011).

Dark matter puzzle(6.5.2011).

Direct experimental evidence for a p-adically scaled up copy of hadron physics?(8.4.2011).

A new phase of matter in the temperature range between pseudo gap temperature and Tc?(26.3.2011).

Are the masses of top and antitop quark different?(18.3.2011).

The anomalies of top quark pair production(16.3.2011).

Still some comments about electroweak symmetry breaking, Higgs, and SUSY in TGD Universe(16.3.2011).

A concise view about SUSY phenomenology in TGD inspired Universe(28.2.2011).

Could genera g>2 for the partonic 2-surfaces have interpretation as many-particle states?(17.2.2011).

Goodbye large extra dimensions and MSSM(5.2.2011).

Year 2010

TGD based explanation for the soft photon excess in hadron production(22.12.2010).

A Possible Explanation of Shnoll Effect(8.12.2010).

Shy positrons(8.11.2010).

Tau-pions again but now in galactic center(29.10.2010).

Topological explanation of family replication phenomenon(28.10.2010).

The first rumors about superpartners from LHC(14.10.2010).

Particle massivation in TGD Universe(14.10.2010).

New Physics at LHC is approximately unavoidable(14.10.2010).

Quark gluon plasma which does not behave as it should(22.9.2010).

Comparison of TGD Higgs and with MSSM Higgs(5.8.2010).

The incredibly shrinking proton(10.7.2010).

Could neutrinos appear in several p-adic mass scales?(8.7.2010).

Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, particle concept, and Feynman diagrammatics(9.5.2010).

Year 2009

High Tc superconductivity in many-sheeted space-time(20.12.2009).

The latest discovery of Fermi telescope: electro-pions from lightnings(9.11.2009).

Does TGD allow the counterpart of space-time super-symmetry?(12.10.2009).

Indications for genus-generation correspondence for gauge bosons(6.8.2009).

Ωb anomaly as additional support for p-adic length scale hypothesis(3.7.2009).

Is Higgs really needed and does it exist? (16.3.2009).

The most recent view about massless particles and particle massivation (22.1.2009).

Year 2008

Antimatter as dark matter? (17.12.2008).

Is dark matter anyonic? (16.12.2008).

Top quark mass again (9.12.2008).

Quantum Hall effect and Hierarchy of Planck Constants (9.12.2008).

Could lepto-hadrons correspond to dark matter? (28.11.2008).

Numerical estimate for the electro-pion production cross section in heavy ion collisions (22.11.2008).

GSI anomaly (21.11.2008).

Numerical estimate for the τ-pion production cross section (18.11.2008).

Comparison of CDF model for CDF anomaly with TGD based model (4.11.2008).

Two birthday gifts (2.11.2008).

Tritium beta decay anomaly and anomalous variations in nuclear decay rates (27.9.2008).

Dark nuclear strings as analogs of DNA and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code (3.9.2008).

TGD prediction for Higgs mass is consistent with the most recent bounds 115-135 GeV(10.8.2008)

The relationship between super-canonical and Super Kac-Moody algebras, Equivalence Principle, and justification of p-adic thermodynamics(27.6.2008)

How quantum classical correspondence is realized at parton level? (9.2.2008)

How p-adic coupling constant evolution and p-adic length scale hypothesis emerge from quantum TGD? (7.2.2008)

Year 2007

Are the abundances of heavier elements determined by cold fusion in interstellar medium? (13.12.2007)

Cold fusion, plasma electrolysis, and burning salt water(26.11.2007)

Ultra high energy cosmic rays as super-canonical quanta?(9.11.2007)

Does Higgs boson appear with two p-adic mass scales? (3.11.2007)

Connes tensor product and perturbative expansion in terms of generalized braid diagrams (22.10.2007)

Number theoretic braids and global view about anti-commutations of induced spinor fields (22.10.2007)

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

Could one demonstrate the existence of large Planck constant photons using ordinary camera or even bare eyes? (27.8.2007)

Burning salt water with radio-waves and large Planck constant (16.8.2007)

Blackhole production at LHC and replacement of ordinary blackholes with super-canonical blackholes (8.6.2007)

Pomeron, valence quarks, and super-canonical dark matter (7.6.2007)

Does the spin of hadron correlate with its super-canonical boson content? (4.6.2007)

Revised p-adic calculations (4.6.2007)

A connection with hadronic string model (4.6.2007)

Progress in the understanding of baryon masses (30.6.2007)

The model for hadron masses revisited (28.6.2007)

Does the quantization of Kähler coupling strength reduce to the quantization of Chern-Simons coupling at partonic level? (26.6.2007)

Dark matter hierarchy corresponds to a hierarchy of quantum critical systems in modular degrees of freedom (5.6.2007)

Elementary particle vacuum functionals for dark matter and why fermions can have only three families (4.6.2007)

Cold fusion - in news again (4.4.2007)

De-coherence and the differential topology of nuclear reactions (24.4.2007)

Strong force as scaled and dark electro-weak force? (13.4.2007)

MiniBooNE and LSND are consistent with each other in TGD Universe (12.4.2007)

About the phase transition transforming ordinary deuterium to exotic deuterium in cold fusion (12.4.2007)

Nuclear strings and cold fusion (11.4.2007)

Why di-neutron does not exist? (8.4.2007)

Still about nuclear string hypothesis (8.4.2007)

Experimental evidence for colored muons (6.4.2007)

Further progress related to nuclear string hypothesis (27.3.2007)

Could also gauge bosons correspond to wormhole contacts? (27.3.2007)

Can one deduce the Yukawa couplings of Higgs from the anomalous ratio H/Z0(b pair):H/Z0(tau pair)? (6.2.2007)

Indications for Higgs with mass of 160 GeV (4.2.2007)

Comments about p-adic mass calculations (8.10.2006)

About the identification of Kac Moody algebra and corresponding Virasoro algebra (8.10.2006)

q-Laguerre polynomials and fractionized principal quantum number for hydrogen atom (20.09.2006)

Wormhole contacts, Higgs, photon massivation, and coherent states of Cooper pairs (18.9.2006).

Wormhole contacts, Higgs, photon massivation, and coherent states of Cooper pairs (18.9.2006).

Updated model for high Tc superconductivity (17.9.2006).

Do nuclear reaction rates depend on environment? (10.8.2006).

Why the number of visible elementary particle families is three? (25.3.2006).

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