Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and Placebo: TGD point of view

I have prepared a new chapter representing TGD inspired answers to Lian Sidorov's questions concerning meditation, mind-body medicine and placebo in quantum biology framework. To help the reader, some aspects of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology are summarized since several new insights inspired by the notions of magnetic body and dark matter have emerged lately. This includes improved views about quantum metabolism and prebiotic life: the basic input comes from the claimed free energy phenomena interpreted in TGD framework. Water structures representing simplified analogs of basic biomolecules suggested by water splitting producing so called Brown's gas might be highly relevant also for the ordinary metabolism. The main new input concerning remote mental interactions comes from a possible answer to the question whether TGD based ontology of physics could allow the "shamanistic" view that the experiences (say encounters with strange life forms assigned with distant civilizations) induced by various psychedelics used in the spiritual practices of indigenous people could be genuine remote sensory perceptions rather than hallucinations. Affirmative answer would mean a direct and testable connection between neuropharmacology and remote sensory perception with serotonin defining the crucial neurotransmitter and pineal gland ("third eye") serving as a candidate for the brain area of special importance in this respect.

Concerning the questions about meditation, mind-body medicine and placebo, the key concept is that of magnetic body. Usually organism and environment are seen as members of an interacting pair: organism receives sensory data from environment and controls it. Now magnetic body appears as a third party, "intentional agent" using biological body as a kind of interface between magnetic body and environment. Various "motor actions" of the magnetic body are highly relevant for both consciousness and biochemistry. The pairs formed by various information molecules and corresponding receptors could define plug-ins to the Indra's net (or Internet) defined by the magnetic bodies and Josephson radiation emitted by Josephson currents assignable to receptors would propagate along flux tubes. Meditation can be seen as "bodily exercise" of the magnetic body and a method to improve the communications between magnetic body and biological body. In healing magnetic body would be the active participant and healing would be also the healing of magnetic body. The placebo effect could be seen as an outcome of intentions of magnetic body affecting biological body.

For details see the new chapter Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and Placebo: TGD point of view.