Life and Death and Consciousness

Life and death belong to the greatest mysteries of science. The development of quantum theories of consciousness has made possible to say something non-trivial also about life and death. In this article I describe TGD inspired theory of consciousness and the view that it provides about life and death. There are several notions which are new from the point of view of standard physics. From the point of view of TGD inspired theory of consciousness the most important ones are Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO), Causal Diamond (CD), Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP). One can say that self as conscious entity is a sequence of repeated state function reductions at the same boundary of CD and not affecting or states at it - Zeno effect- and that self dies as the first reduction to the opposite boundary of CD is forced by NMP and means reincarnation of self as time-reversed self.

From the point of view of TGD inspired quantum biology the identification of dark matter has $h_{eff}/h=n$ phases of ordinary matter having non-standard value of Planck constant is central: these phases allow to understand living matter as macroscopically quantum coherent phases. Second key notion is that of field body, in particular magnetic body. This is implied by TGD view about space-time as 4-D surface of certain 8-D space-time and means that physical systems have besides ordinary identify also field identity so that one can talk about magnetic body (MB). MB takes the role of intentional agent using biological body as motor instrument and sensory receptor: this for instance explains EEG as a communications and control tool.

For background see the chapter Life and Death and Consciousness.