Negentropic entanglement, metabolism, and acupuncture

It is interesting to try to develop a detailed model of acupuncture in TGD framework. Consider following assumptions.

  1. ATP (metabolic energy) - negentropic entanglement connection is true and formation of high energy phosphate bond generates somehow negentropic entanglement.
  2. Pain means loss of negentropic entanglement and healing at the fundamental level - in particular pain relief - involves regeneration of negentropic entanglement.
  3. Fundamental metabolic energy currencies correspond to zero point kinetic energies E0≈ π2 /2mL2 at space-time sheets labelled by p-adic primes determining their size scale L=(hbar/hbar0)Lp. Therefore the generation of metabolic energy storages means at fundamental level driving charged particles to smaller space-time sheets (the smaller the space-time sheet, the higher the zero point kinetic energy). The driving force is basically electric force so that electric fields are needed.
  4. Metabolic energy storage - generation of ATP - means generation of negentropic entanglement. Assume that this entanglement is assignable to the smaller space-time sheet.
    1. The simplest possibility is that the electrons at this space-time sheet form Cooper pairs and negentropic entanglement is between them. The decay of Cooper pairs would make ATP unstable and the decay to ADP would mean use of metabolic energy quantum and also a loss of negentropic entanglement. This conforms with the generalized form of the second law allowing generation of genuine negentropy but predicting that it does not last for ever. The lifetime of ATP - about 40 minutes - gives an estimate for the life time of the electronic Cooper pairs. The negative charge of ATP would be due to the electronic Cooper pairs.
    2. A simple estimate for the order of magnitude of Kähler magnetic energy of the flux tube assuming far from vacuum extremal and quantization of the Kähler magnetic flux (BKS= n× hbar for constant magnetic field in a flux tube of cross section S) shows that the Kähler magnetic energy is much higher than zero point kinetic energy of electron pair. Especially so for large values of hbar since magnetic energy behaves as EB∝ hbar3L0/S by the proportionalities B∝ hbar B0 and L= hbar L0. In this case the magnetic flux tube should be pre-existing and correspond to acupuncture meridian emerging from the node.
    3. For near vacuum extremals the flux tube could be generated in the process. The use of the metabolic energy would mean dropping of electrons to larger space-time sheet and possibly even the disappearence of the magnetic flux tube in this case. This option does not look too plausible however.
  5. The generation of metabolic energy storages (ATP) requires energy feed. In the formation of ATP from ADP the acceleration of protons and electrons in the electric of cell membrane plays a key role. The electric energy gained in the process is transformed to metabolic energy and could means the formation of a flux tube carrying the Cooper pair. Assume that a similar process occurs also in much longer length scales for weaker electric fields scaling like 1/hbar2 for given p-adic prime (and 1/Lp2 as function of p-adic length scale) so that electric potential between the ends of the flux tube remains the same. Assume that quantum direct currents are in question. If so, the function of the direct currents of Becker can be identified as a manner to generate metabolic energy and negentropic entanglement. This is natural since healing is involved.

Armed with these assumptions one can try to understand why metal needles are essential for acupuncture.

  1. The basic idea is that the presence of the needle makes possible the generation of direct quantal currents accelerating electrons in electric field which is sum of pre-existing field and the field possibly generated by the needle. After gaining some minimum energy electrons can jump to a smaller space-time sheet and give rise to negentropically entangled Cooper pairs.
  2. The needle could serve as a mere donor of electrons giving rise to a quantal direct current in turn leading to the generation of metabolic energy and negentropic entanglement.
  3. Second possibility is that the needle also generates a strong additional contribution to the existing electric field.
    1. Basic wisdom from from electrodynamics is that any sharp conducting charged object - such as metal needle- tends to create a strong electric field around the tip. This is the reason for why one should not go below a tree during thunder storm. Suppose that acupuncture needle becomes charged when touching the skin. One could test this assumption by replacing acupuncture needles with non-conducting material to see whether the healing effect is lost. One could also test whether the metal need is in non-vanishing potential with respect to Earth or measure directly the electric field in the vicinity of the needle tip.

    2. If the needle generates negative charge, an opposite charge must be generated somewhere else and electric field lines connecting the needle and its end to it. These field lines could be along magnetic flux tubes carrying also longitudinal electric field. The natural assumption is that the flux tubes correspond to meridians emanating from the acupuncture node to which needle is sticked to. Another possibility is that needle remains neutral as total but develops a density of surface charge via polarization in existing electric field. Also in this case an additional electric field is generated and should be analogous to that of a a thin electric dipole in external electric field.

    3. Under these assumptions quantum currents can flow along the meridians and load the metabolic batteries provided the strength of the generated field is high enough. The situation could resemble quite closely to that for the generation of nerve pulse. There would be pre-existing electric field along flux tuve not too far from critical for the generation of quantal direct current. The field generated by the needle would induce depolarization so that quantal direct current of some minimal strength could flow between the ends of the flux tube with acceleration giving providing electrons with energy making possible transfer to the smaller space-time sheet.

Nanna Goldman et al have provided empirical evidence for the expectation that the healing effect of the acupuncture involves metabolism (see the popular article in Sciencedaily).

The group has found that adenosine is essential for the pain killing effects of acupuncture. For mice with a normal adenosine level acupuncture reduced dis-comfort by two-thirds. In special "adenosine receptor knock-out mice" acupuncture had no effect. When adenosine was turned on in the tissues, the discomfort was reduced even in the absence of acupuncture. During and after an acupuncture treatment, the level of adenosin in tissues near the needles was 24 times higher than before the treatment. In the abstract of the article it is stated that it is known for long time that acupuncture generates signals which induce brain to generate natural pain killing endorphins but that also adenosine acts as a natural pain killer.

Adenosine is the basic building block of AXP, X=M,D,T (adenosin-X-phosphate, X=mono,di,tri). Therefore the findings suggest that the electric fields generated or amplified by the presence of acupuncture needles loads metabolic batteries by generating ATP. Adenosine could be partially generated as decay products of AXPs. Tissue itself could increase adenosine concentration to make possible its transformation to AXP utilizing electric field energy. From the popular article one cannot conclude whether the authors propose a connection with metabolism. The results are consistent with the assumption that the AXPs generated from adenosin accompany negentropic entanglement. This can occur in the scale of entire body and meridians could also make possible direct signalling with brain.

This text can be found at my homepage from an article with title Quantum Model for the Direct Currents of Becker. See also the chapter Quantum Mind, Magnetic Body, and Biological Body.