M8-H Duality and Consciousness

The chapter TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors, and Twistors summarizes a considerable in TGD. M8-H duality is one of the key ideas of TGD, and one can ask whether it has implications for TGD inspired theory of consciousness. Certain aspects of M8-H duality indeed challenge the recent view about consciousness based on ZEO (zero energy ontology).

The algebraic equations for space-time surfaces in M8 state the vanishing of either the real or imaginary part (defined in quaternionic sense) for octonion valued polynomial with real coefficients. Besides 4-D roots one obtains as universal exceptional roots 6-spheres at boundary of the light-cone of M8 with radii given by the roots rn of the polynomial in question. They correspond to the balls t= rn inside Minkowski light-cone with each point have as fiber a 3-sphere S3 with radius contracting to zero at the boundary of the light-cone of M4. Could these balls have a special role in consciousness theory? For instance, could they serve as correlates for memories. In this article I consider several scenarios involving a modification of the recent form of ZEO. In the following are the abstracts of these articles.

See the chapter Life and Death, and Consciousness or the artcle M8-H Duality and Consciousness.