How to construct Akashic records and read them?

While reading a marvellous book "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart about evolution of ideas about the role of electromagnetic fields in biology and neuroscience, I became aware of two questions which I had not yet answered.

Realization of memory representations in terms of braided flux tubes

The first question is following: How various representations (sensory - , memory -,...) - "Akashic records" - are realized as negentropically entangled states?

Magnetic body should be the seat of memories in some sense.

  1. I have already earlier proposed this kind of realization based on the observation that braiding in time direction generates space-like braiding. Dancers on the parquette with their feet connected to the wall by threads illustrates the idea. When dancers move at the parquette their world lines define a time-like braiding in 3-dimensional space-time assignable to the floor. Also the threads connecting the dancers to the wall get braided - or entangled - as one might also say. There is clearly a duality between time-like and space-like braidings: the running topological quantum computer program coded by braiding in time direction is stored as space-like braiding defining memory representation of what happened. Note that same mechanism realizes also predictions and future plans as time reversed topological quantum computer programs in ZEO. CDs in various scales contain this kind of programs and their memory representations.
  2. I have also proposed that the geometric entanglement - braiding - of flux tubes defines a space-time correlate for quantum entanglement. In the case of topological quantum computation it would be naturally described by probabilities, which are rational numbers (or perhaps even algebraic numbers in some algebraic extension of p-adic numbers characterizing together value of the p-adic prime the evolutionary level of the system). Hence the notion of number theoretic negentropy makes sense and one obtains a connection with topological quantum computation.
  3. The representation of memories in terms of space-like braiding of magnetic flux tubes connecting various systems would be universal, and not restricted to DNA-cell membrane system in which the flux tubes would connect DNA nucleotides or codons (this seems to be the more plausible option) with the lipids. One could indeed speak about Akashic records.
  4. The time reversals or these representations defined by the zero energy states of opposite arrow of the imbedding space time would define a representation for future predictions/ plans in ZEO. For instance, the development of a seed to a full-grown organism could be coded in this manner in time scale where CD has time scale of order of the lifetime of the organism. Already Burr found evidence that the radiation field assignable to the seed has the same shape as the plant or animal (salamander in his experiments). This energy field would naturally correspond to the magnetic body containing dark photon Bose-Einstein condensates. The Akashic records and their time reversal would naturally correspond to the morphic fields of Sheldrake: memories and future plans in time scales longer than than duration of life cycle for an individual member of species would be possibles. Every scientist of course agrees that the societies are busily predicting and planning their futures but find very difficult to accept the idea that this could have some concrete quantum physical correlate.

How to construct and read conscious hologram?

While reading the book of McTaggart also a second question popped up: How the vision about brain as a conscious hologram is realized in the proposed conceptual framework?

The idea about living system as a hologram has strong empirical basis. One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the hologram like character of brain was the discovery of Pietch that salamander's brain can be sliced to pieces and shuffled like a deck of cards and put together. When the resulting stuff is returned to the head of the salamander, it recovers! This extreme robustness is very strong support for the non-local hologram like storage of biological information. Ironically, Pietch tried to demonstrate that the theory of Karl Pribram about brain as a hologram is wrong!

The notion of conscious hologram is one of the key ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness. Hitherto I have not been owever able to find a really convincing concrete proposal for how brain could be a hologram in TGD Universe. The reading of memory - and other representations by interaction free measurement however leads to a natural proposal for what the hologram might be.

  1. Certainly the formation of the hologram must closely relate to the vision about universal Akashic records realized in terms of braided flux tubes and their non-destructive reading by interaction free measurement. Oversimplifying, tor a given bit of the representation the photons scattered without interaction would kick either of the two detectors C and D associated with it to an excited state (see Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester). This process is very much like absorption of photons by a photosensitive plate defining an ordinary hologram.
  2. The lipids of the cell membrane are good candidates as something in 1-1 correspondence with the basic units of this hologram (note the analogy with computer screen - also a liquid crystal!). If one irradiates the laser like system formed by the detectors not only by the radiation scattered from the quantum Akashic records but by its superposition with the reference wave of same frequency, one obtains a good candidate for a hologram. It would be defined by the excited quantum state consisting of laser systems analogous to the detectors C and D. Any piece of the system should give and approximate representation of the memory and robustness of the representation is achieved.
  3. In semiclassical treatment the probability that a given laser like detector is excited must be proportional to the modulus squared of the net field amplitude, which is a superposition of reference wave and scattered wave Also just. as in the case of ordinary holograms, the irradiation of the laser like system by the negative energy counterpart of the reference wave (its phase conjugate emitted in a state resulting in state function reduction to the opposite boundary of CD) effectively generates the conjugate of the scattered wave since only those parts of the system can return to the ground state with considerable probability for which the probability to go to excited state is high enough. Note that this implies that magnetic body contains geometric representations of the perceptive field as indeed assumed. This is however not quite the classical hologram. Rather, the total number of absorbed negative energy phase conjugate photons for given pixel defines the "real" picture. A given point of the hologram corresponds to an ensemble of laser like detectors so that a statistically deterministic response is obtained as an ensemble average.

How to realize this concretely?

  1. I have proposed that the lipids of cell membrane could serve as pixels of sensory representations. They could indeed serve as the pixels of conscious hologram. Each pixel should contain large number of laser like "detectors" so that statistical determinism would be achieved.
  2. There should be pair C and D of detectors such that either of them absorbs photon in an interaction free measurement so that a value of bit is defined. Universality serves as a strong constraint as one tries to guess what C and D could be.
    1. The lipids at the two lipid layers of cell membrane could be in 1-1 correspondence with C and D. This option is not however universal.
    2. It is however quite possible that the magnetic fields involved are what I have called wormhole magnetic fields, which carry monopole flux and and involve two space-time sheets carrying opposite net fluxes. As a matter of fact, all elementary particles correspond to flux quanta of wormhole magnetic fields. In this case the two sheets would naturally correspond to detectors C and D and in the simplest situation they would have same Minkowski space projection. Universality of both detectors and holograms is achieved.
  3. The cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensates for charged particles at magnetic flux tubes assignable to lipids are good candidates for the laser like systems if they contain cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensates. There are however several options since the magnetic flux tubes are closed and there are several manners to realize this.
    1. DNA as topological quantum computer vision and the view about cell membrane as a sensory receptor communicating data to the magnetic body in turn sending control signals via DNA suggest the following. Magnetic flux loops have a part connecting DNA with nuclear or cell membrane (this would be the analog for the dipole of the dipole magnetic field) and part which is long - even with size scale of Earth and corresponds to the magnetic field created by the DNA-cell membrane system. This picture applies both to the flux tubes of ordinary magnetic field and to the flux tubes of the wormhole magnetic field.
    2. An assumption in accordance with the general role of magnetic body is that Akashic records reside at the short portions of flux tubes connecting lipids with DNA codons: their braiding would define badsic example about universal representations in living matter. The laser like detectors would reside at the long portions of the flux tubes connecting cell membrane and DNA. If wormhole magnetic fields are in question, the detectors C and D could correspond to the two parallel flux tubes carrying opposite monopole fluxes.
    3. Universality suggest that this picture allows many alternative realizations. In principle, the relative motion of any system (partonic 2-surfaces with light-like orbits) connected by flux tubes could give rise to Akashic records. The lipids of axonal membrane are excellent candidates for the pixels and the flux tubes connecting the lipids to microtubuli would also define Akashic records with long parts of the flux tubes serving as the laser like system. The maximization of the memory capacity would also explain why the neural pathways to brain tend to maximize their lengths by connecting right side of the body to left hemisphere and vice versa.
  4. What remains still open is how to integrate the Josephson junctions defined by the lipid layers of the cell membrane to this picture.

For details see the new chapter Comparison of TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Some Other Theories of Consciousness or the article with the same title.