1. Introduction

  2. Criticality in TGD framework

    1. Mathematical approach to criticality

    2. Basic building bricks of TGD vision

    3. Hierarchy of criticalities and hierarchy breakings of conformal invariance

    4. Emergence of covering spaces associated with the hierarchy of Planck constants

    5. Negentropic entanglement and hierarchy of Planck constants

    6. Phenomenological approach to criticality

    7. Do the magnetic flux quanta associated with criticality carry monopole flux?

  3. What's New In TGD Inspired View About Phase Transitions?

    1. About Thermal And Quantum Phase Transitions

    2. Some Examples Of Quantum Phase Transitions In TGD Framework

    3. ZEO Inspired View About Phase Transitions

    4. Maxwell's lever rule and expansion of water in freezing: two poorly understood phenomena

  4. Test cases for the hypothesis that dark matter is generated at criticality

    1. Particle physics

    2. Condensed matter physics

    3. Living matter

    4. Fringe physics

    5. Proposed mechanisms for generating large heff phases

  5. Applications to condensed matter

    1. Mysterious action at distance between liquid containers

    2. The behavior of superfluids in gravitational field

    3. Does the physics of SmB6 make the fundamental dynamics of TGD directly visible?

    4. Quantization of thermal conductance and quantum thermodynamics

    5. Do magnetic monopoles exist?

    6. Badly behaving photons and space-time as 4-surfaces

    7. Deviation from the prediction of standard quantum theory for radiative energy transfer in faraway region

    8. Time crystals, macroscopic quantum coherence, and adelic physics

    9. Non-local production of photon pairs as support for heff/h=n hypothesis

    10. Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature and heff hierarchy

    11. New findings related to high Tc super-conductivity

    12. Quantum scarring from TGD point of view

  6. Biological applications

    1. Why metabolism and what happens in bio-catalysis?

    2. Worrying about the consistency with the TGD inspired quantum biology

    3. A new control mechanism of TGD inspired quantum biology

    4. Can bacteria induce superfluidity?

    5. Bacteria behave like spin system: Why?

    6. One step further in the understanding the origins of life

    7. Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection?

    8. Is dark DNA dark also in TGD sense?

    9. Mysteriously disappearing valence electrons of rare Earth metals and hierarchy of Planck constants

    10. Clustering of RNA polymerase molecules and Comorosan effect

    11. An island at which body size shrinks

  7. The analogs of CKM mixing and neutrino oscillations for particle and its dark variants

    1. 21-cm anomaly as a motivation for the model of the interaction between different levels of heff hierarchy

    2. Mixing and oscillations of dark photons

    3. Mixing of ordinary and dark photons

  8. TGD inspired view about blackholes and Hawking radiation

    1. Is information lost or not in blackhole collapse?

    2. What are the problems?

    3. TGD view about black holes and Hawking radiation

    4. More about BMS supertranslations

  9. How to demonstrate quantum superposition of classical gravitational fields?

    1. Is gravitation classical or quantal?

    2. Zeno effect and weak measurements

  10. Topological order and Quantum TGD

    1. What does topological order mean?

    2. Topological order and category theory

    3. Category theoretical description of topological order TGD

  11. Deconstruction and reconstruction in quantum physics and conscious experience

    1. Deconstruction and reconstruction in perception, condensed matter physics and in TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    2. Could condensed matter physics and consciousness theory have something to share?