1. Introduction

    1. About language genes

    2. How the mutation of only a few genes led to cultural evolution?

  2. Number theoretical aspects of quantum biology

    1. Dark proton representation of genetic code

    2. Bio-harmony as a realization of genetic code

    3. Galois group of space-time surface as new discrete degrees of freedom

    4. Energy and frequency resonance as basic elements of dark photon communications

  3. TGD based view about brain

    1. A new view about the role of nerve pulses in sensory perception

    2. Binaural beat as a support for TGD view about brain

    3. The roles of nerve pulses and oscillations of neuronal membrane in the TGD picture

    4. Memories

    5. Associations at quantum level

  4. A TGD inspired vision about language

    1. The role of MB

    2. Genes and language

    3. Meaning from embodiment in the TGD framework

    4. Bio-harmony as a universal language

    5. Geometrization and topologization of the grammar and syntax in terms of many-sheeted space-time

  5. Appendix: Living matter, biochemistry, and consciousness

    1. ZEO based quantum measurement theory extends to a theory of consciousness

    2. p-Adic physics as a correlate of intention and cognition

    3. The notion of magnetic body

    4. Life is not mere chemistry