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PART I: Mother Gaia Hypothesis in TGD Universe
||Magnetospheric Sensory Representations|| Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-Time|| Quantum gravity, dark matter, and prebiotic evolution| || Ufos, Aliens, and New Physics||
PART II: Semitrance and Bicamerality
||Semitrance, Mental Illness, and Altered States of Consciousness|| Semitrance, Language and Development of Civilization||
PART III: Crazy Stuff ||Crop Circles and the Life at Parallel Space-time Sheets: part I||Crop Circles and the Life at Parallel Space-time Sheets: part II||



  1. Basic ideas of TGD

    1. TGD as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation

    2. TGD as a generalization of the hadronic string model

    3. Fusion of the two approaches via a generalization of the space-time concept

  2. The five threads in the development of quantum TGD

    1. Quantum TGD as configuration space spinor geometry

    2. p-Adic TGD

    3. TGD as a generalization of physics to a theory of consciousness

    4. TGD as a generalized number theory

    5. Dynamical quantized Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

  3. Bird's eye of view about the contents of the book

  4. The contents of the book

    1. PART I:Mother Gaia hypothesis in TGD framework

    2. PART II: Semitrance and bicamerality

    3. PART III: Crazy Stuff


Home Abstract

    Magnetospheric sensory representations

  1. Introduction

  2. The structure of magnetic field of Earth and variation of cyclotron frequency scales

    1. Magnetosphere

    2. Z0 magnetosphere

    3. Observations making bells ringing

  3. General assumptions about sensory and motor representations

    1. Magnetosphere as a living organism

    2. Magnetospheric nervous system

    3. Magnetospheric metabolism

    4. General ideas about sensory representations

    5. Questions about motor control

    6. Do the structures of nervous system and magnetosphere correspond each other fractally?

  4. Resonant representations

    1. Hierarchy of sensory representations at magnetic Mother Gaia

    2. Endogenous frequency fixes the representation sphere

    3. Projector MEs as wave cavities

    4. Sensory representations appear as night-day conjugate pairs

    5. Representations based on cavity resonances

  5. The hierarchy of magnetospheric representations

    1. EEG and magnetospheric sensory representations

    2. What brain structure and fractality teaches about magnetospheric motor control?

    3. How do the contributions of magnetotail and inner magnetosphere to our consciousness differ?

    4. Some applications

  6. Are we all artists?: or what my "Great Experience" taught to me about consciousness

    1. The time before "Great Experience"

    2. Very intensive sensory experiences

    3. "Psychedelic" experiences

    4. We are all artists!

  7. Fatima Marian apparitions and TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    1. General TGD based model

    2. The mystery of buzzing sound

    3. Microwaves, consciousness, and life

    4. Fatima Marian apparition and microwave MEs

  8. Appendix

    1. Schumann resonances

    2. Alfven waves, magnetic flux tubes, cosmic strings, and hadronic strings

Home Abstract

    Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-Time

  1. Introduction

  2. What is known about pre-biotic evolution?

    1. Some believed-to-be facts about the early history of life

    2. Standard approaches are mechanistic

    3. The notion of primordial ocean

    4. Urey-Miller experiment

    5. RNA world

    6. How biochemical pathways and DNA-amino-acid code emerged?

    7. Problems with the polymerization in primordial ocean

    8. The notion of protocell

  3. TGD based scenario about pre-biotic evolution

    1. Basic prerequisites

    2. TGD based vision about pre-biotic evolution

    3. Pre-biotic chemistry and new physics

    4. Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?

    5. DNA as a topological quantum computer

    6. Water memory and braids

    7. How bio-polymers were associated with their dark counterparts?

    8. Two steps towards understanding of the origins of life

    9. Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection?

  4. Physical model for genetic code and its evolution

    1. RNA world

    2. Programming of bio-molecular self assembly pathways from TGD point of view

    3. The archeology of tRNA molecules as a guideline

    4. Recent genetic code as a fusion of singlet and doublet codes?

    5. Could nanno-bacteria correspond to predecessors of the triplet life-forms?

  5. Did life evolve in the womb of Mother Gaia?

    1. Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory and Cambrian explosion

    2. Did pre-biotic life evolve in mantle-core boundary?

    3. What conditions can one pose on life at mantle-core boundary?

    4. What about analogs of EEG?

  6. Comparison of McFadden's views with TGD

    1. General ideas

    2. Enzyme action

    3. Quantum evolution

  7. Great vision about biological evolution and evolution of brain

    1. Dark matter hierarchy and big leaps in evolution

    2. Could insect colonies have "EEG"?

    3. Dark matter hierarchy, hierarchical structure of nervous system, and hierarchy of emotions

  8. Oil drops in water solution as a primitive life form?

    1. Intelligent oil droplets

    2. Some key ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology

    3. General ideas about oil droplets as a primitive life form

    4. What are the prerequisites for metabolism and topological quantum computation like processes?

    5. What about genetic code and counterpart of DNA?

    6. Another approach to protocell

Home Abstract

    Quantum gravity, dark matter, and prebiotic evolution

  1. Introduction

  2. Implications of strong gravimagnetism for TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. The theory of Tajmar et al for the anomaly of Cooper pairs mass

    2. Is the large gravimagnetic field possible in TGD framework?

    3. Gravitational Mother Gaia and life

  3. Water memory and pre-biotic life

    1. Exclusion zones as prebiotic cells

    2. TGD view about homeopathy, water memory, and evolution of immune system

    3. Is replication of magnetic body behind biological replication?

    4. Quantum model for metabolism

  4. More precise view about remote DNA replication

    1. Some background

    2. Does remote replication apply same mechanism as mimicry of invader molecules in the case of water memory?

  5. TGD inspired model for the formation of exclusion zones from coherence regions

    1. CDs and EZs

    2. TGD inspired model for CDs and EZs

    3. Is a new source of metabolic energy needed?

  6. Was ribosome the first self-replicator?

    1. Trying to catch the idea

    2. How the pre-ribosome as first replicator relates to TGD approach?

  7. Potential"missing link" in chemistry that led to life on Earth discovered

    1. The problem and its possible solution

    2. How could the discovery relate to TGD inspired quantum biology?

  8. Some aspects of TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. The notion of magnetic body

    2. Hierarchy of Planck constants, space-time surfaces as covering spaces, and adelic physics

    3. What can one say about the detailed anatomy of the MB?

    4. Water memory and homeopathy

    5. What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules?

Home Abstract

    Ufos, Aliens, and New Physics

  1. Introduction

  2. Basic vision

    1. Quantum-classical correspondence

    2. Classical physics as exact part of quantum theory

    3. p-Adic physics as physics of cognition and intentionality

    4. The core ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology

  3. TGD based view about life

    1. The notion of magnetic body

    2. Time mirror mechanism as a fundamental mechanism transforming intentions to actions

    3. Applications of time mirror mechanism

    4. Vision about the evolution of life

    5. Could simple life forms be induced by intentional action?

  4. How advanced civilization could study cosmos?

    1. Why space travel is not a good idea?

    2. Time mirror mechanism as an ideal tool for the study of the Universe

    3. What aliens are?

    4. Have more advanced civilizations performed genetic engineering at Earth?

    5. Fermi paradox

    6. Dark matter hierarchy as a solution of Fermi paradox?

  5. What UFOs are?

    1. UFOs as plasmoids?

    2. UFOs made of copper and steel?

    3. Are flying saucers necessarily living systems?


Home Abstract

    Semitrance, mental illness, and altered states of consciousness

  1. Introduction

  2. Semitrance

    1. How societies of idiosts can behave intelligently?

    2. Semitrance as a basic mechanism of communication between collective consciousness and individual

    3. Various aspects of semitrance state

  3. Semitrance and mental disorders

    1. Schizophreny and semitrance

    2. Disorders of mood

    3. Mental disease as communication disorder?

  4. Semitrance, trance and altered states of consciousness

    1. Sleep, trance and dreams

    2. Altered states of consciousness

    3. Stephan's case

    4. Personal experiences about semitrance like states

Home Abstract

    Semitrance, language, and development of civilization

  1. Introduction

  2. How collective consciousness communicates with the individual?

    1. How societies of idiosts can behave intelligently?

    2. Semitrance as a basic mechanism of communication between collective consciousness and individual

  3. Basic notions and ideas

    1. Jaynes's and TGD based definitions of consciousness

    2. Bicamerality according to Jaynes and TGD

    3. How the developing collective consciousness coped with its challenges?

  4. Development of language

    1. General ideas about codes and languages

    2. Prerequisites for the development of language

    3. Scenario for the development of primitive forms of spoken language

  5. Semitrance and the development of civilization

    1. TGD based vision for the development of civilization

    2. Breakdown of bicamerality

    3. Religion and bicamerality

    4. Bicamerality in modern society

    5. Are we really the first ones?

  6. Semitrance and organisms as societies

    1. Semitrance and binary structures

    2. Organism as a cell civilization

    3. Cell as a society

    4. DNA and the analogy with the development of language


Home Abstract

    Crop circles and life at parallel space-time sheets: part I

  1. Introduction

    1. Strange phenomena associated with crop formations

    2. Model for the generation of crop circles

  2. Some aspects of TGD based vision about living systems

    1. Magnetic bodies and magnetosphere as a living system

    2. Basic vision about living matter

    3. The new view about genetic code

    4. Dark matter hierarchy and big leaps in evolution

    5. Plasmoids as primitive life forms associated with magnetic bodies

    6. Field representations of information using codes

  3. Dark matter hierarchy, genetic machinery, and the un-reasonable selectivity of bio-catalysis

    1. Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states

    2. Spontaneous decay and completion of dark fractional -atoms as basic mechanisms of bio-chemistry

    3. The new view about hydrogen bond and water

  4. Model for crop circles

    1. Why crop circles cannot be hoax?

    2. Further facts about crop formations

    3. Existing models for crop formations

    4. TGD based interpretation of crop circles

Home Abstract

    Crop circles and life at parallel space-time sheets: part II

  1. Introduction

    1. Do Chilbolton and Crabwood messages provide information about aliens?

    2. Where do the higher life forms live?

  2. Chilbolton and Crabwood messages

    1. Chilbolton message

    2. Crabwood crop formation as a representation of DNA-amino-acid codes?

    3. ASCII code interpretation of the Crabwood message

  3. What can one conclude about aliens?

    1. Intra- or futuro-terrestrials?

    2. Two guesses for the temporal distance of futuro-terrestrials

    3. Conditions on high-T life

    4. What IT life could look like?

    5. Where did those 223 genes pop up?

    6. Do Ts and ITs live in symbiosis?

    7. Some questions

  4. Number theoretical models for genetic codes

    1. Three kinds of number theoretical models for the genetic code

    2. Does amino-acid structure reflect the product structure of the code?

    3. Number theoretical model for the terrestrial genetic code

    4. Capital letter code as a product code with broken T-C symmetry

    5. T-C symmetric models for small letter plus special symbol code

    6. Imbedding of the amino-acid space into DNA space and the universal part of the genetic code

    7. Summary



  1. Basic properties of CP2

    1. CP2 as a manifold

    2. Metric and Kähler structures of CP2

    3. Spinors in CP2

    4. Geodesic sub-manifolds of CP2

  2. CP2 geometry and standard model symmetries

    1. Identification of the electro-weak couplings

    2. Discrete symmetries

  3. Basic facts about induced gauge fields

    1. Induced gauge fields for space-times for which CP2 projection is a geodesic sphere

    2. Space-time surfaces with vanishing em, Z0, or Kähler fields

  4. p-Adic numbers and TGD

    1. p-Adic number fields

    2. Canonical correspondence between p-adic and real numbers

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