Magnetospheric sensory and motor representations

One can imagine two basic candidates for how our sensory and motor control are realized: the representations at the personal magnetic sensory body and the representations on the magnetic flux tubes structures of Earth, the magnetic body of Mother Gaia. Quite a long time I saw the problem as the question 'Which of these options is correct?'.

If our sensory and motor representations were realized using magnetospheric representations alone, the consciousness of astronauts would differ in a dramatic manner from the ordinary wake-up consciousness. This is not the case so that personal magnetic bodies must give the basic contribution to our personal sensory representations and motor control if the basic approach is correct. Because of the sharing of mental images also the sensory and motor areas of the magnetic Mother Gaia making possible higher collective levels of consciousness are however important for us and are perhaps responsible for memory and imagination. Therefore is of importance to try to understand also the magnetospheric representations.

a) The basic element hypothesis is that some kind of resonance mechanism is involved. The simplest possibility is that projector MEs ('massless extremals', topological counterparts of light rays) to the sensory canvas have length equal to the wavelength defined by the magnetic transition frequency. Also the TGD counterpart of Alfven resonance (magnetic flux tube as string) might be involved. In the simplest situation the length of the projector ME would be equal to the distance to the activated point of the magnetic flux tube structure involved. Also the intersections of the projector ME with magnetic flux tubes of Earth and some cavity resonance at larger space-time sheet, such as Schumann resonance, could help to amplify the signal. Representations which do not satisfy this condition could of course contribute to our consciousness but the contribution should be weak and masked by resonant contributions.

b) 'Personal' sensory and motor representations are realized at the personal magnetic flux tube structures by place coding: if the thickness of the magnetic flux tube increases linearly with the length coordinate of the flux tube resonance condition is satisfied all along it. A similar dependence is implied also by the homeopathic findings (see the chapter "Homepathy in Many-sheeted Space-time") and by the requirement that magnetic energy density per unit length is constant.

c) Magnetospheric sensory and motor representations are realized at the magnetic body of Earth and correspond the personal consciousness of Mother Gaia. Also we can share part of her experience by fusion of the mental images. Magnetospheric representations could be responsible for the transpersonal and third person components of our consciousness, and also for memories and even imagination. The weakening of Earth's magnetic field provides the fundamental distance coding via cyclotron frequency scale, which scales with distance as 1/r3 in the dipole approximation holding for small distances but differs radically from this behaviour at large distances, in particular inside magnetic tail. In magnetospheric case resonance condition gives strong conditions on the representation and can be satisfied only inside plasma sphere.

d) There seems to be no upper bound for the size of the super-conducting magnetic web providing the realization for the self hierarchy, and one can build precise quantitative models for this hierarchy. For a Buddhist this vision does not come as a surprise but challenges all cherished beliefs of brain scientist.

In this chapter this vision is developed quantitatively. The vision about magnetosphere as a living organism allows to develop the view about sensory representations to a rather detailed level. The intriguing observation that brain dynamics and iono- and magnetospheric physics seem to have common characteristic time scales, can be understood in this framework and even the mysterious 5 second time scale associated with Comorosan effect finds a possible explanation.

A TGD based view about magnetosphere results as a by product and allows to topologize the phenomenological but overall important notions of magnetohydrodynamics. In magnetohydrodynamics magnetic field lines are treated as effective superconductors: in TGD Universe magnetic flux tubes are superconductors. Also Alfven waves cease to be a phenomenological concept, and the super-conducting geodynamo model is free of the difficulties of the standard model.

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Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-Time

The topics of the chapter have been restricted to those, which seem to represent the most well-established ideas. There are many other, more speculative, ideas such as the notion of N-atom and strong form of the hypothesis that some life forms has evolved in "Mother Gaia's womb", maybe even in the hot environment defined by the boundary of mantle and core.

  1. Basic facts about and TGD based model for pre-biotic evolution are discussed.

  2. A model for the evolution of the recent genetic code (3-codons) as a fusion of codes for which codons are nucleotides (1-codons) and di-nucleotides (2-codons) is discussed. The symmetries of the genetic code, the observation that tRNA can be seen as a fusion of two hairpin like DNA molecules, and the finding that the first nucleotides of 3-codon code for the reaction path leading from a precursors of the aminoacid to aminoacids for hydrophobic/hydrohilic dichotomy, serve as motivations of the model. 1- and 2-codes corresponding to the two forms of RNA (the exotic 2'-5' RNA and the usual 3'-5' RNA) would have prevailed in RNA world. Aminoacids would have served as catalysts for the copying of RNA on one hand, and RNA molecules would have catalyzed the formation of aminoacids from their precursors on one hand, meaning the presence of a positive feedback loop. In the transition to DNA-aminoacid era RNA began to be translated to aminoacid sequences.

  3. Cambrian explosion represents a rather mysterious period in biology: new highly developed phylas emerged out of nowhere. A second strange finding is that continents would fit together to form single super-continent covering entire Earth's surface at time of Cambrian explosion if the radius of Earth would have been one half of its recent value. This finding has inspired Expanding Earth theories but it has not been possible to identify the mechanism causing the expansion. The success of the standard tectonic plate theory requires that possible expansion must have occurred in relatively short geological time scale. The hierarchy of Planck constants implies that cosmic expansion has occurred in quantum leaps increasing the value of hbar and thus of quantum scales by factors which tend to be powers of 2. Cosmic expansion would have occurred as jerks even in the case of planets. In the proposed model Cambrian explosion would have accompanied the expansion of the Earth's radius by a factor of 2: during this period an outburst of highly developed life forms from underground seas to the surface of Earth would have taken place.

  4. TGD based view about the evolution of genetic code is compared to the views of McFadden. This section is a little bit out of date. For instance, the hypothesis that magnetic body of DNA could induce mutations purposefully is not discussed. This hypothesis is natural if one believes that magnetic flux tubes connecting bio-molecules play a key role in bio-catalysis. This idea is discussed in the chapter devoted to protein folding.

  5. A vision about biological evolution and evolution of brain is discussed on basis of the wisdom gained from the construction of the models of sensory receptor and generalized EEG.

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Quantum gravity, dark matter, and prebiotic evolution

The ideas related to prebiotic evolution have developed rather rapidly after the discovery of the hierarchy of Planck constants around 2003 providing a general manner to understand living organisms as macroscopic quantum systems.

Magnetic body as carrier of dark matter realized as phases with non-standard value heff=n×h of Planck constant is the key concept in the developments and brings to the description of the living matter a third level besides organism and environment.This has led to developments in the model of EEG as communication tool between biological and magnetic body and led to the interpretation of bio-photons as decay products of dark EEG photons. Also bio-superconductivity is now reasonably well-understood and the model for cell membrane as Josephson junction is generalized to include cyclotron energy besides difference in Coulomb energy. Square root of thermodynamics inspired by Zero Energy Ontology suggests itself as a proper description of Josephson junctions defined by transmembrane proteins. The dark genetic code seems to have so strong explanatory power that it must be taken seriously. The model of water memory and homeopathy has led to an evolution of ideas relating to the development of immune system and bio-catalysis. The latest steps of progress were induced by the realization that the replication of magnetic body could be behind that of DNA and cell, the discovery of fourth phase of water and exclusion zones by Pollack et al, and by the observation that anomalously high gravimagnetic Thomson field implied by large value of gravitational Planck constant could explain the anomalously large mass measured for electronic Cooper pairs in rotating super-conductor.

In this chapter the model for water memory and homeopathy is discussed and shown to lead to a general model for how immune system and bio-catalysis could have developed from their dark primordial versions, how dark proteins might have emerged as concrete representations for invader molecules making it possible to make the invader non-dangerous by attaching to its magnetic body, how DNA and genetic code could have emerged as symbolic representations for the magnetic bodies of invader molecules and later as symbolic representation of the magnetic body of the system itself. ZEO implies that actually time evolution of the magnetic body can be coded by DNA and protein folding could provide a concrete representation for this time evolution.

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Ufos, Aliens, and the New Physics

The TGD based view about space-time, time and consciousness allows also to develop ideas about UFOs and aliens, in particular about possible manners by which highly developed civilizations could receive information about remote parts of the Universe and to get contact with other civilizations.

Time mirror mechanism is a basic mechanism in TGD inspired theory of consciousness and it has also technological applications including instantaneous remote sensing of geometric past, communications with geometric past, and instantaneous remote utilization of energy. The TGD based explanation for the experimental results of William A. Tiller about intentionally imprinted electric devices inducing what he calls "conditioning" of simple target systems, suggests that time mirror mechanism might even make possible remote induction of simple life forms, about which simplest are perhaps plasmoids. The intelligent looking light balls reported repeatedly by UFO experiencers are indeed identifiable as plasmoids and quite recent experimental findings demonstrate that plasmoids satisfy the basic criteria justifying their identification as simple life forms.

The resulting vision about highly developed life forms and about how they could study the Cosmos allows to resolve Fermi paradox summarized by the simple question "Where are they all?", and reflecting in excellent manner our misguided view about life, consciousness, and physics.

TGD suggests also a mechanism making possible to reduce gravitational and inertial masses of space-ships so that they would behave like very light system as observations indeed suggest. Plasmoids could be living space-ships able to draw their energy from environment by the time mirror mechanism. It however seems that the highly developed civilizations would probably not see the trouble to travel to distant galaxies since it is un-necessary, and the finiteness of light velocity in any case would pose very strong limitations on what they could achieve in this manner.

Chilbolton and Crabwood crop circles can be interpreted as messages telling basic facts about the civilization responsible for their construction. Chilbolton message is constructed using the same format as Arecibo message and tells that both Earth, Mars, and Jupiter are colonialized. These crop circles suggest strongly the existence of intra-terrestrial life and this inspired a model for pre-biotic evolution allowing also a model for the evolution of genetic code. The highly advanced civilization could be identified as either intelligent intra-terrestrials or as ourselves in the geometric future using a technology based on time mirror mechanism to construct crop circles and using less intelligent intra-terrestrial plasmoids to construct the crop circles. Sun is depicted to have a smaller size as in Arecibo message, and Crabwood message came one year and one day after the Chilbolton message: these hints allow to make estimate about the temporal distance of this civilization of the geometric future from us.

The "sacred geometry" of crop circles involving ratios of simple rational numbers, simple algebraic numbers (in particular Golden Mean), and pi, could be an attempt to tell us about the crucial importance of rational numbers and finite-dimensional extensions of p-adic numbers for cognition. If entanglement probabilities belong to an extension of rationals defining a finite-dimensional extension of p-adic numbers, one can assign to entanglement a positive information measure as a number theoretic modification of Shannon's entropy, and the interpretation as bound state entanglement crucial for macro-temporal quantum coherence is possible.

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Semitrance, mental illness and altered states of consciousness

The book "The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind" of Julian Jaynes provides, not only a fascinating scenario about the evolution of modern consciousness from the consciousness of bicameral stone age man, but also a holistic view about schizophrenic consciousness. In fact, Jaynes regards schizophrenic as a bicameral man receiving commands of 'God' as auditory and visual hallucinations.

Jaynes sees 'Gods' as the right brain of the bicameral man. In TGD framework 'Gods' represent higher levels of the self-hierarchy. To put it in nutshell, TGD view about the relationship of human consciousness to higher levels of self-hierarchy relies on the notion of semi-trance. During semitrance parts of brain entangle with some higher level, say the self associated with the social group, and are in trance and therefore unconscious. The remaining parts of brain are however conscious and receive communications from the collective consciousness via the entangled region of brain as sensory hallucinations, emotions and thoughts. Semitrance is absolutely essential for the self-narrative: without it our consciousness would consist of memory fragments lasting only few seconds: higher level selves tell us where we come from and were we are going. Bicameral man received the commands and advices of the collective consciousness as auditory and visual hallucinations via regions of the right brain hemisphere wherefrom they were communicated to the left hemisphere whereas modern man receives these communications as thoughts ('internal speech') in left brain semitrance and emotions in right brain semitrance.

According to this view, schizophrenic spends in the bicameral state larger fraction of time than normal person and receives communications of the higher levels selves more often as sensory hallucinations than as thoughs and emotions. Thus schizophreny can be seen as cognitive and emotional abnormality and becomes illness in modern society relying crucially on cognitive and emotional self-narrative which is much more refined than the self-narrative based on sensory hallucinations. In normal consciousness left brain hemisphere inhibits the messages from right hemisphere, left and right hemispheres are totally entangled a considerable fraction of time and the entanglement with higher level selves can also involve the entanglement of entire brain leading to short periods of total trance. In this view negative periods of schizophreny correspond to the phases when right brain hemisphere is not entangled with higher level selves and positive, psychotic periods to the phase when this entanglement occurs often. This vision generalizes also to manic-depressive and anxiety disorders and one can see mental illness as disorder of communication between human brain and higher levels of self hierarchy.

Semitrance mechanism provides also more detailed understanding about various altered states of consciousness and extrasensory perception (hypnotic state, telepathy, clairvoyance, some meditative states, identification experiences). Semitrance mechanism provides considerable insights to 'Stephan's case', which originally stimulated serious attempts to understand the communications between various levels of the self hierarchy. I also apply semitrance mechanism to model my personal altered states of consciousness.

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Semitrance, language, and development of civilization

The book "The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind" of Jaynes provides a highly original vision about the evolution of modern consciousness from the consciousness of bicameral stone age man. TGD version about the cosmology of human consciousness relies on the notion of semi-trance. During semitrance parts brain entangle with some higher level, say the self associated with the social group, and are in trance and therefore unconscious. The remaining parts of brain are however conscious and receive communications from the collective consciousness via the entangled region of brain as sensory hallucinations, emotions and thoughts. Semitrance is absolutely essential for self narrative and establishment of long term goals: without semitrance our consciousness would consist of memory fragments lasting only few seconds. Higher level selves tell us where we come from and were we are going.

The basic differences between Jaynes's and TGD based version about evolution of civilization relate to the interpretation of bicamerality and what really happened in the evolution of individual.

a) In TGD framework one could see bicameral man as a cognitive and emotional child characterized by the effective cognitive and emotional ages at which the cognitive and emotional self-organizations of her left brain hemisphere stopped in the absence of external stimuli necessary for self-organization (it is impossible to learn to write if civilization has not discovered written language). Of course, there are several parameters differentiating between modern man and bicameral man (sensitivity for semitrance, profile of semitrance, time fraction spent in semitrance, right-left brain inhibition,..) and the identification of bicameral as a cognitive and emotional child as we understand child is un-necessarily strong.

b) The ability to fall in semitrance was not lost during evolution but was transformed to a new form. Not only linguistic but also sensory regions of the right brain hemisphere of bicameral man entangled with higher level selves and the communications from right to left brain hemisphere were not inhibited as they are in the brain of modern man. As left brain hemisphere differentiated and memetic code gradually established itself, the guiding voice of God was transformed to internal speech and emotions. Higher level selves began to express their will via emotions, moods, planning and long term goals.

c) The differences between EEG:s of normal person and schizophrenic suggest that the fraction of time spend by average modern man in semitrance is much shorter. A more general criterion of bicamerality might be based on the fraction of time spend in semitrance state, be it sensory, cognitive or emotional. It is plausible that thoughts (not all of course!) are communicated to modern man via left brain hemisphere. If this is indeed the case, some regions of left brain hemisphere of modern man should allow standing EEG waves.

The development of the language is an absolutely essential part of the development of civilization. The syntactic structures of language emerged in parallel with the development of civilization. In TGD framework the development of language can be seen as a gradual establishment of genetic and memetic codes at new level and the emergence of symbol function. This could be also seen as an establishment of a symbiosis between two life-forms: biological life and 'culture' having as a physical correlate electromagnetic life represented as topological quanta of em ELF fields and providing realization of the memetic code.

Semitrance mechanism provides an extremely general communication mechanism between the levels of the self hierarchy and could explain why ant nests, beehives, flocks of birds, packs of wolves, cell societies, nuclei of brain, etc.. can behave as single organism and still consist of apparently randomly behaving individuals. Indeed, relevant biological structures (DNA double strand, double lipid layer forming cell membrane, epithelial sheets) have binary structure analogous to two brain lobes and are ideal candidates for 'bicameral' structures.

The vision about the development of civilization generalizes to cell level. p-Adic fractality plus the fact that the number of quantum jumps performed by selves is huge even at cellular and elementary particle levels, inspires the hypothesis that various societies ranging from human civilization to cell societies and protein-DNA societies are characterized by universal asymptotic self-organization patterns. This provides important insights to the structure of the biological self-hierarchy and its relation to the structure and functioning of organism and about how semitrance might allow bio-systems to control and coordinate their behavior. Cell as a protein-DNA society together with parallel between memetic and genetic codes provides a predictive vision about how genetic code might have established itself and semitrance suggests that new kind of control and communication mechanisms based on semitrance mechanism are at work.

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Crop circles and life at parallel space-time sheets: part I

Crop circles as a hoax is one of the illusions of century created by the market economy media. That this cannot be the case has been known for a long time. For instance, microwave induced explosions in growth nodes of crops are regularly involved. Also meteoric material is often associated with the crop formations but not to the region exterior to them: this is absolutely impossible if the formations were made by human artists. Routine laboratory tests allow to judge whether the formation is man-made.

Models involving plasma flows from the ionosphere to the crop field formation have been developed. The regions where the soil has a high content of calcium carbonate (chalk) helping to charge it electrically are the places where the circles appear predictably from year to year. There is also evidence suggesting that this interaction exists during the entire growth period so that there would be a continual connection to the ionosphere.

Simplest crop circles indeed have a form similar to plasma self-organization patterns. Small plasma balls have been observed in the fields both before and after the appearance of the crop formation. There are also irregular, 'non-geometric', patterns of downing which must have been created by same mechanism as crop circles involving the interaction with the ionosphere. These are ideal bits of data for developing in detail hypothesis that any living system, even plants and plant populations, has a magnetic body, and that also magnetosphere is a conscious and intelligent entity receiving information from and controlling the bio-sphere.

Dark matter hierarchy leads to a quantitative vision about how magnetic body controls biological body and receives sensory input from it, and this vision can be applied to crop circles interpreted as an outcome of generalized motor actions of magnetic body. The resulting model supports the view about crop circles as an attempt of (geo-, planeto-, helio-, or some other) magnetospheric conscious entities to tell about their existence to us.

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Crop circles and life at parallel space-time sheets: part II

There are two especially fascinating crop circle formations: Chilbolton and Crabwood. Both formations suggests very strongly the interpretation as a message from intelligent civilization living at parallel space-time sheets in our solar system.

1. Genetic codes of aliens

The interpretation of the Crabwood message as a representation for the genetic codes of alien life forms is suggestive. If this interpretation is accepted, the crop circles allow to deduce a lot of information about the genetic code and other bio-codes associated with these life-forms.

  1. The message suggests strongly the existence of also doublet code and this inspires a simple model for our genetic code allowing to see the code as resulting from much simpler product code by a small symmetry breaking due to the interaction between singlets and doublets. Also various alien codes results in the same manner. This has deep implications for the theories how the life at the molecular level has involved.

  2. The model suggests strongly that DNA triplets have resulted as a fusion of DNA singlets and doublets defining simpler genetic codes. My bio-chemical knowledge does not allow to test this hypothesis. It turns out that one can deduce surprisingly detailed information about the alien genetic codes. In fact, almost unique codes result if one accepts the proposed model of the genetic code having symmetries obeyed also by our genetic code.

  3. The Chilbolton message tells that also silicon is of fundamental importance for this life-form at DNA level. Crabwood message contains a variant of genetic code for which the simplest interpretation is that DNA doublets of form XA are effectively doubled: perhaps doublets of form XASbesides XA, where ASdenotes a compound of A and silicon, have emerged. This increases the number of DNA triplets from 64 to 80 and thus also the information content of the genetic code. Same could have occurred to one member of the 7-plet composing amino-acids and increased the number of amino-acid like molecules by three: this in turn would increase the expressive power of the genetic code. The difference between man and ape is enormous although genetic codes are almost identical. It is impossible to even imagine the level of intelligence of these creatures as compared to that of us. The silicon insertions to the DNA and amino-acids bring in mind symbio-sis with a silicon-based nano-computers.

  4. Chilbolton message contains two different DNA strands. This could have several interpretations. DNA could indeed be asymmetric. Alternatively, there could be two genetic codes for the same life-form: the 80 DNA-23 amino-acid code would involve silicon and could perhaps give rise to a living arithmetic processor. The third option is that there are two separate life-forms involved. 64-DNA code would be associated with the plasmoidic life-forms. The fact that the Sun, whose convective zone contains a magnetic field of order Tesla making it an ideal environment for this life-form, is described to be smaller than in Arecibo message, suggests that this life-form populates also solar magnetosphere. The plasmoidic life-forms could serve as kind of less intelligent medium like messengers, quantum entanglers, making possible a telepathic sharing of mental images between members of different civilizations. The light balls observed near crop formations would represent this life-form. Also UFOs could be identified as plasmoidic life-forms inducing telepathic encounters with the alien life-forms. The biology of the more intelligent life-form would be based on 80 DNA-23 amino acid code, which could live even outside the solar system.

The very general symmetries deduced from our own genetic code fix the identification of the alien codes highly uniquely. All these codes result by the same universal mechanism, and are characterized by the same imbedding of the amino-acid space to the DNA space implying that a considerable part of the code is universal. The symmetries are the exact A-G permutation symmetry and the almost exact T-C permutation symmetry for the last base of the DNA triplet, and the approximate decomposition to a product of codes associated with DNA doublets (the first two bases of triplet) and singlets (the third base of triplet).

The success of this model inspires the view that molecular life first evolved to form DNA singlets and doublets coding for 2-plet resp. 10-plet of 'pre-amino-acids'. After that DNA doublets and singlets fused to triplets coding for the ordinary amino-acids, which are perhaps an outcome from the fusion of the two kinds of "pre-amino-acids", which in TGD based model for the evolution of the genetic code can be identified as subset of RNA molecules. Amino-acids catalyzed in the primordial stage the translation to RNA and only later replaced RNA molecules as coded molecules.

2. Where do the messages arrive from?

The messages responsible for the crop circles should come from our solar system, perhaps from terrestrial magnetosphere or solar magnetosphere. Time mirror mechanism allows to consider also the possibility (suggested by the time interval of year and one day between the messages) that the messages arrive from a distant geometric future and tell about the genetic codes of future civilizations living in the solar system.

3. Where do the life forms assignable to the genetic codes live?

One can consider several identifications of the biological life forms assignable to the codes using Chilbolton message as a hint. These life forms could live in Earth, Mars, Jupiter, perhaps as intra-planetaries, say intra-terrestrials at various boundaries such as mantle-core and core-inner core boundary. Even the photosphere of Sun could be populated.

The notions inspired by the dark matter hierarchy, in particular the notion of N-molecule, allow to consider seriously the existence of biological life forms able to cope in high temperature environments, and one can build rough view about what high-T life should look like. The experimental signature of N-molecules are spectral lines of corresponding ordinary molecules in environments where they are not thermally stable. In the solar photosphere the spectral lines of water and solid calcium ferrite have been indeed observed. To sum up, without exaggerating one can say that the systematic search of these spectral lines might revolutionize our world view.

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