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Year 2008

Crying and screaming cells and magnetic bodies expressing their emotions

By using nanotechnological methods James Gimzewski [3], his student Andrew Pelling and collaborators discovered that the cell walls of bacterium Saccharomyces cerevisiae perform periodic motion with amplitude about 3 nm in the frequency range .8-1.6 kHz (one octave) [2]. Or more concretely, bacteria produce sounds audible to humans with average frequency of 1 kHz in a range of one octave. The frequency has strong temperature dependence, which suggests a metabolic mechanism. From the temperature dependence one deduces the activation energy to be 58 kJ/mol, which is consistent with the cell's metabolism involving molecular motors such as kinesin, dynein, and myosin. The magnitude of the forces observed (10 nN) suggests concerted nanomechanical activity is operative in the cell.

From less formal popular "../articles/ [4] one can learn that it is difficult to avoid the impression that intelligent communication is in question. Dying cells produce a characteristic screaming sound. One can also distinguish between normal cells and cancel cells on basis of the sound they produces as well as between mammalian and bacterial cells.

What might be the explanation of these findings in TGD framework?

  1. It is known that the region of frequencies audible to human ear is from about 20 Hz to 2×104 Hz. This is more or less same as the range of frequency range of sferics, the em noise in atmosphere [5]. This suggests a strong coupling between electromagnetic oscillations and sound as also the fact that biological structures are piezo-electrets transforming em oscillations to sounds and vice versa.

  2. The activation energy per mole corresponds to .6 eV per molecule which is at the upper range for the variation range the energy associated with the fundamental metabolic energy quantum identified as the change of zero point kinetic as proton is transferred from atomic space-time sheet to much larger space-time sheet or vice versa.That metabolic energy is needed to produce the sounds supports the view that the sounds are produced intentionally.

  3. If one takes seriously the notion of magnetic body as intentional agent controlling biological body [1], one is led to ask which must sound a totally crazy question in reductionistic ears: could magnetic body express its emotions in terms of frequencies of cyclotron transitions transformed to sound via genetic expression using piezo-electric mechanism? Could it be that the photons involved are dark photons with large value of Planck constant so that their energy is above thermal energy. Could one ask a materialistic scientist to consider anything more irritating that singing and crying magnetic bodies!

  4. Suppose that the homeopathic mechanism is based on replication of pseudomolecules with same magnetic body as that of solvent molecules and that neutral dark nuclear strings realize analogs of DNA, RNA, and aminoacids and realizing genetic code exactly in its vertebrate nuclear form and appearing also in the TGD based model of cold fusion and biological transmutations. If so, then homeopathic mechanism (recognition of molecules) could involve also the transformation of cyclotron radiation to sound at the level of "biological bodies" of molecules.

  5. If this picture makes sense then also our speech as a self expression of the magnetic body might involve genetic code mapping sequences of DNA codons to temporal patterns of cyclotron radiation in turn transformed to speech by above mechanism. This would require a realization of genetic code at level of dark matter: could it be that dark nuclear code could define universal quantum level realization of language? The findings of Peter Gariaev and others and structural resemblance of intronic portion of genome with language and their report that DNA sequences are coded to temporal patterns of the rotation angle of the polarization of laser light (in turn inducing genetic expression).


[1] The chapter The Notion of Wave-Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer of "Genes and Memes".

[2] Pelling et al (2004), Local Nanomechanical Motion of the Cell Wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Science 20 August: Vol. 305. no. 5687, pp. 1147 - 1150.
[] [3] James Gimzewski.
[4] A. Goho (2004), Rattle and Hum: molecular machinery makes yeast cells purr. Science News, August 21.
M. Wheeler, (2004) Signal Dicovery?, Smithsonian Magazine. March issue.
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[5] A. Saleh (2001), Capturing the Earth's songs. ABC Science Online.

Fore more details the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

About the nature of time

The naive identification of the experienced time and geometric time involves well-known problems. Physicist is troubled by the reversibility of the geometric time contra irreversibility of experienced time, by the conflict between determinism of Schrödinger equation and non-determinism of state function reduction, and by the poor understanding of the origin of the arrow of geometric time. In biology the second law of thermodynamics might be violated in its standard form for short time intervals. Neuroscientist knows that the moment of sensory experience has a finite duration, does not understand what memories really are, and is bothered by the Libet's puzzling finding that neural activity seems to precede conscious decision. These problems are discussed in the framework of Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) and TGD inspired theory of consciousness constructed as a generalization of quantum measurement theory. In TGD space-times are regarded as 4-dimensional surfaces of 8-dimensional space-time H=M4× CP2 and obey classical field equations. The basic notions of consciousness theory are quantum jump and self. Subjective time is identified as a sequence of quantum jumps. Self has as a geometric correlate a fixed volume of H- "causal diamond"-defining the perceptive field of self. Quantum states are regarded as quantum superpositions of space-time surfaces of H and by quantum classical correspondence assumed to shift towards the geometric past of H quantum jump by quantum jump. This creates the illusion that perceiver moves to the direction of the geometric future. Macroscopic quantum coherence and the identification of space-times as surfaces in H play a crucial role in this picture allowing to understand also other problematic aspects in the relationship between experienced and geometric time.

For details see the chapter Time, Space-time, and Consciousness.

Dark nuclear strings as analogs of as analogs of DNA-, RNA- and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code

In the earlier posting I considered the possibility that the evolution of genome might not be random but be controlled by magnetic body and that various DNA sequences might be tested in the virtual world made possible by the virtual counterparts of bio-molecules realized in terms of the homeopathic mechanism as it is understood in TGD framework. The minimal option is that virtual DNA sequences have flux tube connections to the lipids of the cell membrane so that their quality as hardware of tqc can be tested but that there is no virtual variant of transcription and translation machinery. One can however ask whether also virtual amino-acids could be present and whether this could provide deeper insights to the genetic code.

The minimal option is that virtual DNA sequences have flux tube connections to the lipids of the cell membrane so that their quality as hardware of tqc can be tested but that there is no virtual variant of transcription and translation machinery. One can however ask whether also virtual amino-acids could be present and whether this could provide deeper insights to the genetic code.

  1. Water molecule clusters are not the only candidates for the representatives of linear molecules. An alternative candidate for the virtual variants of linear bio-molecules are dark nuclei consisting of strings of scaled up dark variants of neutral baryons bound together by color bonds having the size scale of atom, which I have introduced in the model of cold fusion and plasma electrolysis both taking place in water environment . Colored flux tubes defining braidings would generalize this picture by allowing transversal color magnetic flux tube connections between these strings.

  2. Baryons consist of 3 quarks just as DNA codons consist of three nucleotides. Hence an attractive idea is that codons correspond to baryons obtained as open strings with quarks connected by two color flux tubes. The minimal option is that the flux tubes are neutral. One can also argue that the minimization of Coulomb energy allows only neutral dark baryons. The question is whether the neutral dark baryons constructed as string of 3 quarks using neutral color flux tubes could realize 64 codons and whether 20 aminoacids could be identified as equivalence classes of some equivalence relation between 64 fundamental codons in a natural manner.

The following model indeed reproduces the genetic code directly from a model of dark neutral baryons as strings of 3 quarks connected by color flux tubes.

  1. Dark nuclear baryons are considered as a fundamental realization of DNA codons and constructed as open strings of 3 dark quarks connected by two colored flux tubes, which can be also charged. The analogs of DNA -, RNA -, and of amino-acid sequences would in turn correspond to sequences of dark baryons. It is assumed that the net charge of the dark baryons vanishes so that Coulomb repulsion is minimized.

  2. One can classify the states of the open 3-quark string by the total charges and spins associated with 3 quarks and to the two color bonds. Total em charges of quarks vary in the range ZB {2,1,0,-1} and total color bond charges in the range Zb {2,1,0,-1,-2}. Only neutral states are allowed. Total quark spin projection varies in the range JB=3/2,1/2,-1/2,-3/2 and the total flux tube spin projection in the range Jb = 2,1,-1,-2. If one takes for a given total charge assumed to be vanishing one representative from each class (JB,Jb), one obtains 4×5=20 states which is the number of amino-acids. Thus genetic code might be realized at the level of baryons by mapping the neutral states with a given spin projection to single representative state with the same spin projection. The problem is to find whether one can identify the analogs of DNA, RNA and aminoacids as baryon like states.

1. States in the quark degrees of freedom

Consider first the states of dark baryons in quark degrees of freedom. These states can be constructed as representations of rotation group and strong isospin group.

  1. The tensor product 222 is involved in both cases. Without any additional constraints this tensor product decomposes as 422: 8 states altogether. This is what one should have for DNA and RNA candidates. If one has only identical quarks uuu or ddd, one obtains only the 4-D representation corresponding to completely symmetric representation. These 4 states correspond to a candidate for amino-acids. Thus RNA and DNA should correspond to states of type uud and ddu and aminoacids to states of type uuu or ddd. What this means physically will be considered later.

  2. It is known that only representations with isospin 3/2 and spin 3/2 (D resonance) and isospin 1/2 and spin 1/2 (proton and neutron) are realized as free baryons. Now of course a dark -possibly p-adically scaled up - variant of QCD is considered so that more general baryonic states are possible. The spin statistics problem which forced to introduce quark color strongly suggests that the construction of the codons as sequences of 3 nucleons is not a good idea.

  3. Second nucleon like spin doublet - call it 2odd - has wrong parity in the sense that it would require L=1 ground state for two identical quarks (uu or dd pair). Dropping 2odd and using only 42 for the rotation group would give degeneracies (1,2,2,1) and 6 states only. All the representations in 422odd to get 8 states with a given quark charge and one should transform the wrong parity doublet to positive parity doublet somehow. Since open string geometry breaks rotational symmetry to a subgroup of rotations acting along the direction of the string, the attractive possibility is to add a stringy excitation with angular momentum projection Lz=-1 to the wrong parity doublet so that the parity comes out correctly. Lz=-1 orbital angular momentum for the relative motion of uu or dd quark pair in the open 3-quark string would be in question. The degeneracies for spin projection value Jz = 3/2,...,-3/2 are (1,2,3,2). Genetic code means spin projection mapping the states in 422odd to 4.

2. States in the flux tube degrees of freedom

Consider next the states in flux tube degrees of freedom.

  1. The situation is analogous to a construction of mesons from quarks and antiquarks and one obtains the analogs of p meson (pion) with spin 0 and r meson with spin 1. States of a given charge correspond to the tensor product 22=31 for the rotation group. Drop the singlet and take only the analog of neutral r meson. The physical meaning of this will be considered later.

  2. Without any further constraints the tensor product 33=531 gives 8+1 states. By dropping the scalar state this gives 8 states required by DNA and RNA analogs. Bosonic statistics allows only 5 unless the two color bonds have different charges. The degeneracies of the states for DNA/RNA type realization with a given spin projection for 53 are (1,2,2,2,1).

  3. For aminoacids only 5 completely symmetric under the exchange of flux tubes is required and is achieved if the two color bonds have identical charges. Genetic code means the projection of the states of 53 to those of 5 with the same spin projection and same total charge.

3. Analogs of DNA,RNA, aminoacids, and of translation and transcription mechanisms

Consider next the identification of analogs of DNA, RNA and aminoacids and the baryonic realization of the genetic code, translation and transcription.

  1. The analogs of DNA and RNA can be identified dark baryons with quark content uud and ddu and color bonds of different charges. There are 3 color bond pairs corresponding to charge pairs (q1,q2) = (-1,0), (-1,1), (0,1) (the order of charges does not matter). The condition that the total charge of dark baryon vanishes allows for uud only the bond pair (-1,0) and for udd only the pair (-1,1). These thus only single neutral dark baryon of type uud resp. udd: these would be the analogous of DNA and RNA codons. Amino-acids would correspond to either uuu or ddd with identical color bonds with charges (-1,-1), (0,0), or (1,1). uuu with color bond charges (-1,-1) is the only neutral state. Hence only the analogs of DNA, RNA, and aminoacids are obtained, which is rather remarkable result.

  2. The basic transcription and translation machinery could be realized as processes in which the analog of DNA can replicate, and can be transcribed to the analog of mRNA in turn translated to the analogs of amino-acids. In terms of flux tube connections the realization of genetic code, transcription, and translation, would mean that only dark baryons with same total quark spin and same total color bond spin can be connected by flux tubes. Charges are of course identical since they vanish.

  3. Genetic code maps of ( 422)(53) to the states of 4×5. The most natural map takes the states with given spin to a state with the same spin so that the code is unique. This would give the degeneracies D(k) as products of numbers DB {1,2,3,2} and Db {1,2,2,2,1}: D = DB×Db. Only the observed degeneracies D = 1,2,3,4,6 are predicted. The numbers N(k) of aminoacids coded by D codons would be

    [N(1),N(2),N(3),N(4),N(6)]=[2,7,2,6,3]\per .

    The correct numbers for vertebrate nuclear code are (N(1),N(2),N(3),N(4),N(6)) = (2,9,1,5,3). Some kind of symmetry breaking must take place and should relate to the emergence of stopping codons. If one codon in second 3-plet becomes stopping codon, the 3-plet becomes doublet. If 2 codons in 4-plet become stopping codons it also becomes doublet and one obtains the correct result (2,9,1,5,3)!

  4. Stopping codons would most naturally correspond to the codons, which involve the Lz=-1 relative rotational excitation of uu or dd type quark pair. For the 3-plet the two candidates for the stopping codon state are |1/2,-1/2{|2,k}, k = 2,-2. The total spins are Jz = 3/2 and Jz=-7/2. The three candidates for the 4-plet from which two states are thrown out are |1/2,-3/2{|2,k, |1,k}, k = 1,0,-1. The total spins are now Jz = -1/2,-3/2,-5/2. One guess is that the states with smallest value of Jz are dropped which would mean that Jz=-7/2 states in 3-plet and Jz = -5/2 states 4-plet become stopping codons.

4. Understanding the symmetries of the code

Quantum entanglement between quarks and color flux tubes would be essential for the baryonic realization of the genetic code whereas chemical realization could be said to be classical. Quantal aspect means that one cannot decompose to codon to letters anymore. This raises questions concerning the symmetries of the code.

  1. What is the counterpart for the conjugation ZYZ XcYcZc for the codons?

  2. The conjugation of the second nucleotide Y having chemical interpretation in terms of hydrophobia-hydrophily dichotomy in biology. In DNA as tqc model it corresponds to matter-antimatter conjugation for quarks associated with flux tubes connecting DNA nucleotides to the lipids of the cell membrane. What is the interpretation in now?

  3. The A-G, T-C symmetries with respect to the third nucleotide Z allow an interpretation as weak isospin symmetry in DNA as tqc model. Can one identify counterpart of this symmetry when the decomposition into individual nucleotides does not make sense?

Natural candidates for the building blocks of the analogs of these symmetries are the change of the sign of the spin direction for quarks and for flux tubes.

  1. For quarks the spin projections are always non-vanishing so that the map has no fixed points. For flux tube spin the states of spin Sz=0 are fixed points. The change of the sign of quark spin projection must therefore be present for both XYZ XcYcZc and Y Yc but also something else might be needed. Note that without the symmetry breaking (1,3,3,1) (1,2,3,2) the code table would be symmetric in the permutation of 2 first and 2 last columns of the code table induced by both full conjugation and conjugation of Y.

  2. The analogs of the approximate A-G and T-C symmetries cannot involve the change of spin direction in neither quark nor flux tube sector. These symmetries act inside the A-G and T-C sub-2-columns of the 4-columns defining the rows of the code table. Hence this symmetry must permute the states of same spin inside 5 and 3 for flux tubes and 4 and 2 for quarks but leave 2odd invariant. This guarantees that for the two non-degenerate codons coding for only single amino-acid and one of the codons inside triplet the action is trivial. Hence the baryonic analog of the approximate A-G and T-C symmetry would be exact symmetry and be due to the basic definition of the genetic code as a mapping states of same flux tube spin and quark spin to single representative state. The existence of full 4-columns coding for the same aminoacid would be due to the fact that states with same quark spin inside (2,3,2) code for the same amino-acid.

  3. A detailed comparison of the code table with the code table in spin representation should allow to fix their correspondence uniquely apart from permutations of n-plets and thus also the representation of the conjugations. What is clear that Y conjugation must involve the change of quark spin direction whereas Z conjugation which maps typically 2-plets to each other must involve the permutation of states with same Jz for the flux tubes. It is not quite clear what X conjugation correspond to.

5. Some comments about the physics behind the code

Consider next some particle physicist's objections against this picture.

  1. The realization of the code requires the dark scaled variants of spin 3/2 baryons known as D resonance and the analogs (and only the analogs) of spin 1 mesons known as r mesons. The lifetime of these states is very short in ordinary hadron physics. Now one has a scaled up variant of hadron physics: possibly in both dark and p-adic senses with latter allowing arbitrarily small overall mass scales. Hence the lifetimes of states can be scaled up.

  2. Both the absolute and relative mass differences between D and N resp. r and p are large in ordinary hadron physics and this makes the decays of D and r possible kinematically. This is due to color magnetic spin-spin splitting proportional to the color coupling strength as ~ .1, which is large. In the recent case as could be considerably smaller - say of the same order of magnitude as fine structure constant 1/137 - so that the mass splittings could be so small as to make decays impossible.

  3. Dark hadrons could have lower mass scale than the ordinary ones if scaled up variants of quarks in p-adic sense are in question. Note that the model for cold fusion that inspired the idea about genetic code requires that dark nuclear strings have the same mass scale as ordinary baryons. In any case, the most general option inspired by the vision about hierarchy of conscious entities extended to a hierarchy of life forms is that several dark and p-adic scaled up variants of baryons realizing genetic code are possible.

  4. The heaviest objection relates to the addition of Lz=-1 excitation to Sz=|1/2,1/2odd states which transforms the degeneracies of the quark spin states from (1,3,3,1) to (1,2,3,2). The only reasonable answer is that the breaking of the full rotation symmetry reduces SO(3) to SO(2). Also the fact that the states of massless p"../articles/ are labeled by the representation of SO(2) might be of some relevance. The deeper level explanation in TGD framework might be as follows. The generalized imbedding space is constructed by gluing almost copies of the 8-D imbedding space with different Planck constants together along a 4-D subspace like pages of book along a common back. The construction involves symmetry breaking in both rotational and color degrees of freedom to Cartan sub-group and the interpretation is as a geometric representation for the selection of the quantization axis. Quantum TGD is indeed meant to be a geometrization of the entire quantum physics as a physics of the classical spinor fields in the "world of classical worlds" so that also the choice of measurement axis must have a geometric description.

The conclusion is that genetic code can be understand as a map of stringy baryonic states induced by the projection of all states with same spin projection to a representative state with the same spin projection. Genetic code would be realized at the level of dark nuclear physics and perhaps also at the level of ordinary nuclear physics and that biochemical representation would be only one particular higher level representation of the code. A hierarchy of dark baryon realizations corresponding to p-adic and dark matter hierarchies can be considered. Translation and transcription machinery would be realized by flux tubes connecting only states with same quark spin and flux tube spin. Charge neutrality is essential for having only the analogs of DNA, RNA and aminoacids and would guarantee the em stability of the states.

For details see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome?

In the previous postings I have discussed TGD based model of homeopathy and phantom DNA based on the possibility that water molecules receiving the magnetic bodies of biomolecules in homeopathic manifacture process can mimick those aspects of these molecules most relevant for the biological functions. By combining these ideas with DNA as topological quantum computer hypothesis, one ends up with the idea that the evolution of DNA is not just random mutations plus selection, but takes place in controlled manner like the development of computer hardware in the virtual mimicry of internal chemical milieu in turn providing an abstract representation for the external world.

The fundamental question in the evolution biology is the question about the interaction between genome (G), phenotype (P), and environment (E).

  1. The standard dogma is that the information transfer from G to P is unidirectional and that environment acts on G by inducing random mutations of G, from which E selects the lucky survivors as those with the best ability to reproduce. Lamarckism represents a deviation from standard dogma by assuming direct information transfer from E to G.

  2. Genetic expression is controlled by environment, at least by silencing , which is like selecting only few books to be read from a big library. Cell differentiation represents basic example of selective gene expression. DNA methylation and transposition are accepted to reflect information transfer from E to G, perhaps via P. These modifications are however believed to be short lasting and not transferred to the offspring since it is difficult to imagine a mechanism transferring the mutations to the germ cells.

  3. The question however remains whether the G P-E actually could complete to a closed loop G P-E-G so that genome could directly respond to the changing physical environment and could transfer the successful response to the next generation .

In TGD framework the sequence G P-E is replaced with a closed loop G-P-M-E to which E is attached at P by bidirectional arrow (organisms do also modify their environment actively). Magnetic body thus controls genome and receives information from cell membrane (P). The hierarchy of genomes (super-genome, hyper-genome,...) corresponding to the different levels of dark matter hierarchy allows this loop to be realized in different scales rather only at the level of single cell.

The question is whether the magnetic body of organism or higher level magnetic bodies could modify genomes, super-genomes, and hyper-genomes directly, perhaps by generating mutations of the genome in a short time scale; by monitoring how genetically modified organism survives in the environment; and -if the outcome of the experiment is successful - replacing the corresponding portion of DNA with the modified DNA both in ordinary germ cells. One can even ask whether the abstract model of the external environment provided by the internal chemical milieu might be mimicked by water magnetic bodies of water molecule clusters and provide a virtual world testing ground for a search of favorable mutations.

In DNA as a tqc vision essentially the development of a new computer hardware would be in question, and should take place in a controlled manner and involve an experimentation before going to the market rather than by random modifications taking place in computer CPUs. Second basic aspect of DNA as tqc paradigm is that water and bio-molecules live in symbiosis in the sense that self organization patterns of the cellular water flow define the tqc programs. The following first guess for how the development of computer hardware might be achieved is just a first guess but might have something to do with reality.

  1. What would be needed is a mechanism generating rapidly modifications of DNA. The mutations should be carried out using a kind of virtual DNA mimicking all the essential aspects of the symbolic dynamics associated with DNA. The magnetic bodies of DNA consisting of flux tubes connecting the nucleotides of DNA strands to cell membrane satisfy these conditions since A,T,G,C is coded to exotic light quarks u, d and anti-quarks `u, `d at the ends of flux tubes . DNA nucleotides could be replaced with clusters of water molecules but also other options can be imagined. Note that it does not matter when one speaks of mimicry of RNA or DNA molecules.

  2. If the proposed model of the phantom DNA and homeopathy is correct, this kind of virtual DNA exists and is generated in phantom DNA effect as magnetic bodies of DNA, including of course the magnetic flux tubes connecting the nucleotides to the cell membrane or conjugate strand of DNA.

  3. The crucial additional assumption would be that also the reversal of phantom DNA effect is possible and corresponds to the analog of DNA replication in which nucleotides attach to the virtual conjugate nucleotides of the virtual DNA strand or RNA strand in turn transformed to DNA strand be reverse transcription. The hypothesis would have rather strong implications for the genetic engineering since homeopathic remedies of genetically engineered DNA sequences could be transferred to cell nuclei just by drinking them.

  4. Phantom DNA sequences could form populations and - as far as their properties as a hardware of topological quantum computer are involved - evolve under selection pressures of the virtual world defined by the nuclear, cellular water, and intercellular water. A competition of components of tqc hardware developed by the higher level magnetic body to realize optimally tqc programs needed for survival would be in question. The simplest mutation of phantom DNA would replace the quark pairs at the ends the (wormhole-) magnetic flux tube with a new one and could occur in very short time scale. Also basic editing operations like cutting and pasting would be possible for these competing phantom DNA sequences. The winners in the competition would be transformed to actual DNA sequences by utilizing the reverse phantom DNA (or RNA -) effect and be inserted to genome. The genetic machinery performing cutting, gluing, and pasting of real DNA in a controlled manner exists. What is needed is the machinery monitoring who is the winner and making the decision to initiate the modification of the real DNA.

  5. The transfer of the mutations to germ cells could be achieved by allowing the population of the virtual DNA sequences to infect the water inside germ cells. The genetic program inducing the modification of DNA by using the winner of the tqc hardware competition should run automatically.

  6. One open question is whether the cellular or perhaps also extracellular water should represent the physical environment and - if answer is affirmative - how it achieves this. As a matter fact, considerable fraction of water inside cells is in gel phase and it might be that the intercellular water, which naturally defines a symbolic representation of environment, is where the virtual evolution takes place. Internal chemical milieu certainly reflects in an abstract manner the physical environment and the ability of the water molecule clusters to mimic bio-molecules would make the representation of the chemical environment possible. Also sudden changes of external milieu would be rapidly coded to the changes in internal milieu which might help to achieve genetic re-organization. The craziest dream is water based simulation of both genes, proteins, and molecules representing external world running at dark space-time sheets.

  • Water molecule clusters are not the only candidates for the representatives of linear molecules. An alternative candidate for the virtual variants of linear bio-molecules are dark nuclei consisting of strings of scaled up dark variants protons and neutrons bound together by color bonds having the size scale of atom, which I have introduced in the model of cold fusion and plasma electrolysis both taking place in water environment. Colored flux tubes defining braidings would generalize this picture by allowing color magnetic flux tube connections between these strings.

    For details see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

  • The experimental work of William Tiller about intentional imprinting of electronic devices

    The notion of magnetic body seems to provide the royal road to the understanding of biology and paranormal phenomena and same basic mechanism are involved with both anomalies of recent day physics. In the first posting I discussed a model of homeopathy and water memory. The second posting was about the explanation for the tendency of anomalous cognition to appear during two hours around 13.30 sidereal time. In this posting I discuss William Tiller's findings about intentional imprinting of electronic devices in the same conceptual framework. I have developed these models during years and the newest simplifications and clarifications come from the application of the hierarchy of Planck constants and the wisdom gained during the development of the model of DNA as topological quantum computer (recall that dark matter is identified as macroscopic quantum phases labeled by values of Planck constant in TGD Universe).

    1. Experiments

    William Tiller in Stanford University has carried out impressive experimental work with what he calls intention imprinted electronic devices (IIED), and his results challenge that standard assumption that the intentions of experimenter do not affect the experimental apparatus.

    The goal was to try to imprint a specific intention into a simple, low tech electronic device so as to influence the companion, specific, well-designed, target experiment. The intentional imprinting was attempted in a meditative state. The intentionally imprinted device, IIED, was sent to a laboratory located at distance of about 1500 miles where colleagues had set up the experiment. The device was placed about 6 inches from a continuously running and computer-monitored target experiment and switched on (total electrical power rate was less than 1 microwatt). Over a time period of about 1-4 months the recorded results from the target experiment changed in the directions of the specific intention and the change eventually reached the selected magnitude of the specific intention. Also an identical, but not intention imprinted device was used and the results were compared in order to achieve more objective measurements about the effects of human consciousness on electric devices.

    The targets used were purified water, some bio-molecules, and larvae of flies. These targets where either unshielded or shielded from radiation. For the latter purpose they were closed inside a grounded Faraday cage (FC), which screened rather effectively the radiation coming at microwave frequencies whereas for ultra low frequency (ULF) fields the screening is virtually absent (skin depth behaves as 1/{psf} at low frequencies and f=2ps (in units hbar = c=1) defines kind of critical frequency above which screening occurs effectively). The targets could be affected by control device (CD) or by identical IIED generating microwave radiation. Radiation was generated either at single frequency (7.3 MHz) or at three frequencies (5.0, 8.0 and 9.3 MHz) .

    In the case of purified water the spatial distributions of physical parameters like pH, temperature, and conductivity were measured as a function time. In the case of bio-molecules the possible effect on thermodynamical activity, which measures the thermodynamical energy of single molecule, was measured. In the case of fly larvae the effect on the larval development time was studied. The results from various arrangements were compared with control targets (no FC, no CD, no IIED). 2. Basic results

    The basic experimental results were two-fold. First of all intended effects were achieved. Secondly, the "conditioning" of the laboratory resulted as an unexpected effect and continued even after the removal of the target and IIED.

    1. IIED imprinted by intention to increase/decrease the pH of water gradually induced a shift in the pH of purified water to the intended value, increased the in vitro thermodynamic activity of bio-molecules, and a reduction of larval development time.

    2. For bio-molecules and larvae four simultaneous side-by-side treatments were tested: i) an unshielded sample, ii) a shielded sample, iii) a shielded sample with an 'on' control device, iv) a shielded sample with an 'on' IIED. Just the shielding of em radiation affected the thermodynamic activity of the bio-molecules, and just adding less than about 1 microwatt of microwave radiation via control device reduced the thermodynamical activity and lengthened the developmental time. Thus the microwave radiation acted as a stressor having entropic effect. When the control device was replaced with IIED, the degradation caused by microwave radiation was overcome.

    Quite unexpected phenomena arose from a repeated conduct of IIED in a given laboratory space. By simply continuing to use IIED in the laboratory space, it became "conditioned in some very fundamental way". Three signatures heralded the onset of the "conditioning" process.

    1. Oscillations of air and water temperature, and of pH and electrical conductivity of water with large amplitudes with the periods of oscillations in 10-100 minute range developed. The amplitudes of pH- and temperature oscillations was ~ DpH=.1 pH-unit and DT ~ 1-3 K units respectively. Even more remarkably, the oscillations were sustained in the locale even after the removal of the IIED suggesting kind of phantom effect analogous to phantom DNA effect. Oscillation amplitude had peaks at the harmonics of fundamental frequency fl=1/Tl, Tl = 36.6 minutes with three lowest harmonics being very clearly visible . Also Tl = 51.2 minutes appears as fundamental period in some experiments. The ratio of these periods is 1.4 and rather near to 2=1.41, which might relate to p-adic length scale hypothesis.

    2. When an pH-increasing IIED with intention to increase pH by one unit was turned on in an almost unconditioned space located several hundred feet away from a strongly conditioned space, a well-defined pattern of pH-oscillations in an unconditioned space emerged. This pattern was accompanied by a highly correlated pattern of oscillations in strongly conditioned space. This kind of highly correlated oscillations were not observed in several unconditioned spaces also located several hundred feet away.

    3. The targets were subject to the action of a vertically aligned magnetic field in the range of 10-2-5×10-2 Tesla, such that the direction of the field could be reversed. In an unconditioned space the change of the direction of the magnetic field did not affect the pH. In the strongly conditioned space the effect on pH was different for the opposite directions of the applied field and the difference in pH values was about .6 units. One can say, that the target had become sensitive to the effects of external magnetic fields.

    3. TGD based explanation of the results

    The hierarchy of Planck constants suggests an improved and conceptually simpler model for intentional imprinting. Basic ideas are however more or less the same as above.

    1. The intentional imprinting means that flux tubes connecting the electronic device with meditators magnetic body are formed. The length of these flux tubes corresponds to the cyclotron time scale, which is between 10-100 minute time scale, which gives could idea about the size scale of the layer of the meditator's magnetic body involved.

    2. IIED acts on the target by sending microwave photons part of which travel along the flux tubes to the magnetic body of the meditator as dark photons and are reflected back as negative energy phase conjugate photons and travel now to the target where part of them are transformed to negative energy microwave photons and part induces oscillations in time scale defined by the length of flux tube. This explain pH oscillations and their time scales. Negative energy microwave photons in turn have a syntropic effect compensating for the entropic effect of ordinary positive energy microwave photon generated by the control device. This explains the increase of the thermodynamical activity of bio-molecules and the shortening of the development time of larvae. One can say that the system affecting the target is not IIED but the system IIED + meditator's magnetic body.

    3. The values of Planck constant involved correspond to the ratios of times scales 10-100 minutes to the time scales of microwave frequencies 5,8, 9.3 MHz. Order of magnitude is in the range r=3×1010-5.4×1011. The scaling law of homeopathy claims that r=2×1011 is a preferred value of this ratio.

    4. The conditioning of the laboratory can be also understood. In the new unconditioned position the IIED sends microwave photons to the magnetic body of meditator and this sends part of them to the previous target so that synchronized oscillations result. The flux tubes from the magnetic body to the target continue to exist also after the removal of IIED. It is not clear to me whether the effect is present also when IIED is not functioning in the new position. One can of course imagine that the flux tube connection continues to carry large hbar photons even after the removal of the target and the frequency is determined by the length of flux tube. This would mean that the target would possess a primitive analog of EEG.

    5. The action of vertically aligned magnetic field with strength in the range 200BE-1000×BE could be understood in terms of topological condensation of flux tubes of this field to vertical flux tubes of the magnetic field connecting the target and IIED to the meditator's magnetic body. The wormhole contacts would affect the value of this magnetic field in a manner depending on the direction of the magnetic field and also transmit the magnetic noise associated with the flux tubes of this field. Situation could resemble that encountered in the explanation of the correlation between anomalous cognition and sidereal time.

    6. The effects on number generators would rely on a similar mechanism. The dark cyclotron frequency associated with the magnetic flux tubes connecting computer to the magnetic body of the meditator and corresponding to a period of 113.778 minutes would induce the deviation from the random behavior. Planck constant would be hbar/hbar0 @ 1.3×1010 for 5 MHz microwave radiation in this case. The mechanism inducing bit flips could rely on low energy dark photons with large Planck constant but energy above thermal threshold. Dark frequencies above 102 Hz would correspond to ordinary IR frequencies and define photon energies above thermal threshold. The 1 kHz frequency characterizing synchronous firing of neurons might be involved.

    For details see the chapter Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms.

    Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions

    The notion of magnetic body has become a key concept TGD inspired qantum biology and it is nice to see how this notion gradually receives support both from the understanding of the mysteries of biology and at the same time becomes more and more concrete. It is also nice that there is no need to reject paranormal phenomena from TGD based world view: as a matter fact, magnetic body is key player also in the understanding of these phenomena.

    The article of J. Spottiswoode (2002), Geomagnetic fluctuations and free response anomalous cognition: a new understanding, submitted to the Journal of Parapsychology discusses two strange findings about remote mental interactions.

    The findings

    1. There is a statistical tendency of the anomalous cognition (AC includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition) performance to concentrate in a 2 hour period around 13.30 of the local sidereal time (ST), which is the time measured using as a reference distant stars and thus running at a slightly different rate than the solar time: the lag is DT = 24/365 hours ~ 3.7 minutes during 24 hours.

    2. The anticorrelation between the level of geomagnetic fluctuations and AC performance has also a maximum during 2-hour period around ~ 13.30 ST.

    The fact that AC performance is associated with the same sidereal hour suggests the identification of the galactic magnetosphere as a conscious involved with remote cognition. For interstellar and galactic magnetic fields cyclotron time scales correspond to the time scales of human consciousness so that also these magnetic flux quanta could receive sensory input from biosphere and control it.

    The so called ap index measures the intensity of the fluctuations of the Earth's magnetic field. If the magnetosphere is a conscious entity, ap index can be interpreted as a measure for the level of arousal of the magnetospheric mind. The negative correlation between ap and AC performance tells that AC is most probable, when the magnetosphere is in a "calm state of mind". This is natural since only in this kind of situation the noise masks minimally the signals from the galactic magnetosphere.

    The local magnetic noise produced by the modern high tech environment is much stronger than the geomagnetic noise but this does not matter. If artificial magnetic fields correspond to kem=0 level of the dark matter hierarchy, they have no effect on higher levels of dark matter hierarchy.

    The obvious question is why the anticorrelation between anomalous cognition effect size and ap index is highest at 13.30 ST? What this finding means that a particular portion of the sky defined by a definite longitude is above the head of a successful anomalous cognizer independently of the time of year. Thus there should be something special in a direction at this longitude.

    The explanation of findings

    The simplest explanation for these findings goes as follows.

    1. Suppose that there is a higher level conscious entity at the direction 13.30 ST at the galactic magnetic body such that various cyclotron frequencies involved with the communications with this entity correspond to a typical time scale of the anomalous cognition. This conscious entity could have size of galaxy or it could correspond to a flux tube of galactic magnetic body using the cognizer and target as sensory receptors and motor instruments just as our magnetic body might use neurons of our brain or our body parts.

    2. Anomalous cognition could involve positive and negative energy signals to this magnetic body and back so that essentially instantaneous AC events would be possible.

    3. The information transfer between two kinds of flux tubes is made possible by the topological condensation of the flux tubes of BE or its dark variant at those of the galactic magnetic field or its dark variant and would be maximal when both are nearly vertical. Also geomagnetic noise would be transferred via wormhole contacts to the flux tubes of the galactic magnetic field and perturb these communications. Both AC and its anticorrelation with geomagnetic noise would be maximal when the flux tubes of of magnetic fields in question are approximately parallel. Since the flux tubes of BE are approximately vertical, this the case when the galactic center is directly above the head. This would explain the special value of sidereal time. One can say that the magnetic flux tubes of the interstellar magnetic field define kind of cosmic umbilic cord which might serve as a correlate for the tunnel experience associated with NDEs.

    4. If signals to geometric past and back (both are possible in zero energy ontology replacing standard positive energy ontology in the formulation of quantum TGD) are involved the time and length scales would measured using 105 years as unit. The signals themselves would be coded using frequencies characterizing time scales of neural consciousness as kinds of ripples to the very slowly oscillating background signal just as perturbations due to nerve pulses interfere with EEG rhythms. Since remote psychokinesis and anomalous cognition should rely on the same mechanism, the first guess for the time scale involved with these signals is as the time lag of 13 to 17 seconds involved with the remote realization of intentions by Qigong masters : the interpretation as a typical duration of charge entanglement was already proposed. It would not be surprising if the time scale of entanglement would determine also the scale of cyclotron frequencies. This would mean the importance of the frequencies in the range .06 to .08 Hz for anomalous cognition.

    For details see the chapter Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms".

    A possible realization of water memory

    The Benveniste's discovery of water memory initiated quite dramatic sequence of events. The original experiment involved the homeopathic treatment of water by human antigene. This meant dilution of the water solution of antigene so that the concentration of antigene became extremely low. In accordance with homeopathic teachings human basophils reacted on this solution.

    The discovery was published in Nature and due to the strong polemic raised by the publication of the article, it was decided to test the experimental arrangement. The experimental results were reproduced under the original conditions. Then it was discovered that experimenters knew which bottles contained the treated water. The modified experiment in which experimenters did not possess this information failed to reproduce the results and the conclusion was regarded as obvious and Benveniste lost his laboratory among other things. Obviously any model of the effect taking it as a real effect rather than an astonishingly simplistic attempt of top scientists to cheat should explain also this finding.

    The model based on the notion of field body and general mechanism of long term memory allows to explain both the memory of water and why it failed under the conditions described.

    1. A model for the water memory and homeopathic effect

    1. Also molecules have magnetic field bodies acting as intentional agents controlling the molecules. Nano-motors do not only look co-operating living creatures but are such. The field body of the molecule contains besides the static magnetic and electric parts also dynamical parts characterized by frequencies and temporal patterns of fields. To be precise, one must speak both field and relative field bodies characterizing interactions of molecules. Right brain sings-left brain talks metaphor might generalize to all scales meaning that representations based on both frequencies and temporal pulse with single frequency could be utilized.

    2. The effects of complex bio-molecule to other bio-molecules (say antigene on basofil) in water could be characterized to some degree by the temporal patterns associated with the dynamical part of its field body and bio-molecules could recognize each other via these patterns. This would mean that symbolic level in interactions would be present already in the interactions of bio-molecules. Cyclotron frequencies are most natural candidates for the frequency signatures and the fact that frequencies in 10 kHz range are involved supports this view.

    3. The original idea was that water molecule clusters are able to mimic the bio-molecules themselves -say their vibrational and rotational spectra could coincide with those of molecules in reasonable approximation. A more natural idea is that they can mimic their field bodies. Homeopathy could rely on extremely simple effect: water molecule clusters would steal the magnetic bodies of the molecules used to manufacture the homeopathic remedy. The shaking of the bottle containing the solution would enhance the probability for bio-molecule to lose its magnetic body in this manner. For instance, water could produce fake copies of say antigenes recognized by basofils and reacting accordingly if the reaction is based on interaction with the magnetic body of the antigene.

    4. The basic objection against this picture is that it does not explain why the repeated dilution works. Rather, it seems that dilution of molecules reduces also the density of mimicking pseudo-molecules. Even more, the potency of the homeopathic remedy is claimed to increase as the the dilution factor increases. Also alcohol is used instead of water so that also alcohol must allow homeopathic mechanism. (I am grateful for Ulla Matfolk for questions which made me to realize these objections).

      1. The only way out seems to be that the magnetic bodies or water molecule clusters having these magnetic bodies can replicate. The shaking of the remedy could provide the needed metabolic energy so that the population of magnetic bodies grows to a limiting density determined by the metabolic energy feed. In principle it would be possible to infect unlimited amount of water by these pseudo-molecules. When in bottle the population would be in dormant state but in the body of the patient it would wake up and form a population of molecular actors and stimulate the immune system to develop immune response to the real molecule.

      2. The potency of the homeopathic remedy is claimed to increase with the increased dilution factor. This would suggest that the continued dilution and shaking also increases the density of pseudo molecules, perhaps by feeding to the system metabolic energy or by some other mechanism.

      3. Also magnetic bodies must replicate in cell replication and their role as intentional agents controlling bio-matter requires that this replication serves as a template for biochemical replication. On can indeed interpret the images about cell replication in terms of replication of dipole type magnetic field. This process is very simple and could have preceded biological replication. The question is therefore whether water is actually a living system in presence of a proper metabolic energy feed. Also the water's ability near critical point for freezing to form nice patterns correlating with sound stimuli might be due to the presence of the molecular actors.

      4. This picture fits nicely with the vision that evolution of water in this kind of life form might have happened separately and that pre-biotic chemical life forms have formed symbiosis with living water . In the model of DNA as topological quantum computer the asymptotic self organization patterns of water flow in the vicinity of lipid layers indeed define quantum computer programs by inducing the braiding of the magnetic flux tubes connecting DNA nucleotides to lipids so that this symbiosis would have brought in new kind of information processing tool.

    5. The magnetic body of the molecule could mimic the vibrational and rotational spectra using harmonics of cyclotron frequencies. Cyclotron transitions could produce dark photons with large Planck constant, whose ordinary counterparts resulting in de-coherence would have large energies due to the large value of hbar and could thus induce vibrational and rotational transitions. This would provide a mechanism by which molecular magnetic body could control the molecule. Note that also the antigenes possibly dropped to the larger space-time sheets could produce the effect on basofils. The transformation of large Planck constant photons to ordinary ones would reduce the frequency of photon by the factor hbar0/hbar: this kind of reduction represents basic finding about water memory. The so scaled scaling law states that favored scaling factor corresponds to hbar/hbar0∼ 2× 1010.

    6. There is a considerable experimental support for the Benveniste's discovery that bio-molecules in water environment are represented by frequency patterns, and several laboratories are replicating the experiments of Benveniste as I learned from the lecture of Yolene Thomas in the 7:th European SSE Meeting held in Röros . The scale of the frequencies involved is around 10 kHz and as such does not correspond to any natural molecular frequencies. Cyclotron frequencies associated with electrons or dark ions accompanying these macromolecules would be a natural identification if one accepts the notion of molecular magnetic body. For ions the magnetic fields involved would have a magnitude of order .03 Tesla if 10 kHz corresponds to scaled up alpha band. Also Josephson frequencies would be involved if one believes that EEG has fractally scaled up variants in molecular length scales.

    2. Why Benveniste's experiments could not be replicated?

    Consider now the argument explaining the failure to replicate the experiments of Benveniste.

    1. The magnetic bodies of water molecules need metabolic energy for communications with their "biological body" using the fractally scaled analog of EEG. There is no obvious source for this energy in water. The model for protein folding and DNA as topological quantum computer assumes that magnetic flux tubes connecting subject person and target of directed attention serve as correlates for directed attention at the molecular level . This should be true also in macroscopic scales so that the experimentalist and the bottle containing the treated water should be connected by magnetic flux tubes. If experimenter has directed his attention to the bottle of water, the resulting magnetic flux tubes could allow a transfer of metabolic energy as a radiation along massless extremals parallel to the flux tubes and defining TGD counterparts of Alfwen waves. Experimenter's strong motivation to replicate experiments would help to realize the transfer of the metabolic energy. Experimenters not knowing, which bottles were treated did not have these flux tube bridges to the bottles, and were not able to provide the needed metabolic energy, and the magnetic bodies of antigenes failed to generate the cyclotron radiation making them visible to the basofil.

    2. If this interpretation is correct, then Benveniste's experiment would demonstrate besides water memory also psychokinesis and direct action of desires of experimenters on physics at microscopic level. Furthermore, the mere fact that we know something about some object or direct attention to it would mean a concrete interaction of our magnetic body with the object.

    For details see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

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