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Year 2006

A possible realization of water memory

The Benveniste's discovery of water memory initiated quite dramatic sequence of events. The original experiment involved the homeopathic treatment of water by human antigene. This meant dilution of the water solution of antigene so that the concentration of antigene became extremely low. In accordance with homeopathic teachings human basophils reacted on this solution.
The discovery was published in Nature and due to the strong polemic raised by the publication of the article, it was decided to test the experimental arrangement. The experimental results were reproduced under the original conditions. Then it was discovered that experimenters knew which bottles contained the treated water. The modified experiment in which experimenters did not possess this information failed to reproduce the results and the conclusion was regarded as obvious and Benveniste lost his laboratory among other things. Obviously any model of the effect taking it as a real effect rather than an astonishingly simplistic attempt of top scientists to cheat should explain also this finding.
The model based on the notion of field body and general mechanism of long term memory allows to explain both the memory of water and why it failed under the conditions described.

1. A model for the water memory and homeopathic effect

  1. Also molecules have magnetic field bodies acting as intentional agents controlling the molecules. Nano-motors do not only look co-operating living creatures but are such. The field body of the molecule contains besides the static magnetic and electric parts also dynamical parts characterized by frequencies and temporal patterns of fields. To be precise, one must speak both field and relative field bodies characterizing interactions of molecules. Right brain sings-left brain talks metaphor might generalize to all scales meaning that representations based on both frequencies and temporal pulse with single frequency could be utilized.
  2. The effects of complex bio-molecule to other bio-molecules (say antigene on basofil) in water could be characterized to some degree by the temporal patterns associated with the dynamical part of its field body and bio-molecules could recognize each other via these patterns. This would mean that symbolic level in interactions would be present already in the interactions of bio-molecules. Cyclotron frequencies are most natural candidates for the frequency signatures and the fact that frequencies in 10 kHz range are involved supports this view.
  3. The original idea was that water molecule clusters are able to mimic the bio-molecules themselves -say their vibrational and rotational spectra could coincide with those of molecules in reasonable approximation. A more natural idea is that they can mimic their field bodies. Homeopathy could rely on extremely simple effect: water molecule clusters would steal the magnetic bodies of the molecules used to manufacture the homeopathic remedy. The shaking of the bottle containing the solution would enhance the probability for bio-molecule to lose its magnetic body in this manner. For instance, water could produce fake copies of say antigenes recognized by basofils and reacting accordingly if the reaction is based on interaction with the magnetic body of the antigene.
    The magnetic body of the molecule could mimic the vibrational and rotational spectra using harmonics of cyclotron frequencies. Cyclotron transitions could produce dark photons with large Planck constant, whose ordinary counterparts resulting in de-coherence would have large energies due to the large value of (h/2p) and could thus induce vibrational and rotational transitions. This would provide a mechanism by which molecular magnetic body could control the molecule. Note that also the antigenes possibly dropped to the larger space-time sheets could produce the effect on basofils. The transformation of large Planck constant photons to ordinary ones would reduce the frequency of photon by the factor $\hbar_0/\hbar$: this kind of reduction represents basic finding about water memory. The so scaled scaling law states that favored scaling factor corresponds to $\hbar/\hbar_0\simeq 2\times 10^{10}$.
  4. There is a considerable experimental support for the Benveniste's discovery that bio-molecules in water environment are represented by frequency patterns, and several laboratories are replicating the experiments of Benveniste as I learned from the lecture of Yolene Thomas in the 7:th European SSE Meeting held in Röros . The scale of the frequencies involved is around 10 kHz and as such does not correspond to any natural molecular frequencies. Cyclotron frequencies associated with electrons or dark ions accompanying these macromolecules would be a natural identification if one accepts the notion of molecular magnetic body. For ions the magnetic fields involved would have a magnitude of order .03 Tesla if 10 kHz corresponds to scaled up alpha band. Also Josephson frequencies would be involved if one believes that EEG has fractally scaled up variants in molecular length scales.

2. Why Benveniste's experiments could not be replicated?

Consider now the argument explaining the failure to replicate the experiments of Benveniste.
  1. The magnetic bodies of water molecules need metabolic energy for communications with their "biological body" using the fractally scaled analog of EEG. There is no obvious source for this energy in water. The model for protein folding and DNA as topological quantum computer assumes that magnetic flux tubes connecting subject person and target of directed attention serve as correlates for directed attention at the molecular level . This should be true also in macroscopic scales so that the experimentalist and the bottle containing the treated water should be connected by magnetic flux tubes. If experimenter has directed his attention to the bottle of water, the resulting magnetic flux tubes could allow a transfer of metabolic energy as a radiation along massless extremals parallel to the flux tubes and defining TGD counterparts of Alfwen waves. Experimenter's strong motivation to replicate experiments would help to realize the transfer of the metabolic energy. Experimenters not knowing, which bottles were treated did not have these flux tube bridges to the bottles, and were not able to provide the needed metabolic energy, and the magnetic bodies of antigenes failed to generate the cyclotron radiation making them visible to the basofil.
  2. If this interpretation is correct, then Benveniste's experiment would demonstrate besides water memory also psychokinesis and direct action of desires of experimenters on physics at microscopic level. Furthermore, the mere fact that we know something about some object or direct attention to it would mean a concrete interaction of our magnetic body with the object.
For details see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

What really distinguishes between future and past?

Our knowledge about geometric future is very uncertain as compared to that about geometric past. Hence we usually use words like plan/hunch/hope/... in the case of geometric future and speak about memories in the case of geometric past. We also regard geometric past as something absolutely stable. Why we cannot remember geometric future as reliably as the geometric past? Is it that geometric future is highly unstable as compared to the geometric past? Why this should be the case? This provides a possible TGD based articulation for the basic puzzles relating to time experience. The latest progress in the understanding of quantum TGD allows a more detailed consideration of these questions.

1. Is p-adic-to-real phase transition enough?

The basic idea is that the flow of subjective time corresponds to a phase transition front representing a transformation of intentions to actions and propagating towards the geometric future quantum jump by quantum jump. All quantum states have vanishing total quantum numbers in zero energy ontology which now forms the basis of quantum TGD and this ontology allows to imagine models for what could happen in this process.

This starting point is the interpretation of fermions as correlates for cognition bosons as correlates for intentions/actions (see this). Fermions correspond to pairs of real and p-adic space-time sheets with opposite quantum numbers with p-adic space-time sheet providing a cognitive representation of the real space-time sheet. Bosonic space-time sheets would be either p-adic or real and thus represent intentions or actions. Fermionic world and its cognitive representations would be common to future and geometric past and the asymmetry would relate only to the intention-action dichotomy.

Geometric future contains a lot of p-adic space-time sheets representing intentions which transform to real space-time sheets allowing interpretation as desires inducing eventually neuronal activities. Time mirror mechanism for intentional action assumes that the phase transition gives rise to negative energy space-time sheets representing propagation of signals to geometric past where they induce neuronal activities. From Libet's experiments relating to neuronal correlates of volition the time scale involved is a fraction of second but an infinite hierarchy of time scales is implied by fractality.

Conservation of quantum numbers poses strong conditions on p-adic-to-real phase transition. Noether charges are in the real context given by integrals over partonic 2-surfaces. The problem is that these integrals do not make sense p-adically. There are two options.

a) Give up the notion of p-adic Noether charge so that it would not make sense to speak about four-momentum and other conserved quantum numbers in case of p-adic space-time sheet. This implies zero energy ontology in the real sector. All real space-time sheets would have vanishing conserved quantum numbers and p-adic-to real transition generates real space-time sheet complex with vanishing total energy. Negative energy signal must be somehow compensated by a positive energy state.

b) It might be however possible to assign charges to p-adic space-time sheets. The equations characterizing p-adic space-time sheet representing intention and corresponding real space-time sheet representing action are assumed to be given in terms of same rational functions with coefficients which are algebraic numbers consistent with the extension of p-adic numbers used so that the points common to real and p-adic space-time sheets are in this extension. If real charges belong to the algebraic extension used, one could identify the p-adic charges as real charges. Zero energy ontology requires the presence of positive energy real space-time sheets whose charges compensate those of negative energy space-time sheets. One possibility is that real and corresponding p-adic space-time sheets appear in pairs with vanishing total quantum numbers just as fermionic space-time sheets are assumed to occur (see this. In the case of fermions p-adic-to-real phase transition is impossible by Exclusion Principle so that a stable cognitive representation results.

The minimal option would be that p-adic space-time sheets possess negative energy and are transformed to negative energy signals inducing neuronal activities. The flow of subjective time would involve a transformation of the universe to zero energy universe in the sense that total conserved quantum numbers vanish in the real sense in bosonic sector but in fermionic sector real and p-adic charges compensate each other.

This picture is probably too simple. Robertson-Walker cosmology has vanishing density of inertial energy. Hence it would seem that real bosons and fermions should appear in both positive and negative energy states and the arrow of time defined by the direction of the propagation of the intention-to-action wave front would be local.

The transition of the geometric past back to intentional phase would involve transformation of real bosons to p-adic ones and is in principle possible for this option. For the first option the transition could occur only for real states with vanishing total quantum numbers which would make this transition highly improbable and thus imply irreversibility.

The basic criticism is that since intentions in the proposed sense do not involve any selection, one could argue that this picture is not enough to explain the instability of the geometric future unless the instability is due to the instability of p-adic space-time sheets in quantum jumps.

2. Does intentional action transform quantum critical phase to non-quantum critical phase?

It is far from clear whether the proposed model is not able to explain the uncertainty of the geometric future and relative stability of the geometric past related very intimately to the possibility to select between different options. TGD based view about dark matter as a hierarchy of phases characterized by M4 and CP2 Planck constants quantized in integer multiples of minimum value hbar0 of hbar (see this) suggests a more refined view about what happens in the quantum jump transforming intention to action.

  1. The geometric future of the living system corresponds to a quantum critical state which is a superposition of (at least) two phases. Quantum criticality means that future is very uncertain and universe can be in dramatically different macroscopic quantum states.

  2. Experienced flow of time corresponds to a phase transition front proceeding towards the geometric future quantum jump by quantum jump. In this transition intentional action represented by negative energy bosonic signals transforms the quantum critical phase to either of the two phases present. This selection between different phases would be the basic element of actions involving choice. The geometric past is stabilized so that geometric memories about geometric past are relatively stable. This picture applies always in some time scale and there is an entire hierarchy of time and spatial scales corresponding to the hierarchies of p-adic length scales and of Planck constants. Note that Compton length and time are proportional to hbar as is also the span of long term memories and time scale of planned actions.

The (at least) two phases present at quantum criticality would have different values of Planck constants. In the simplest case the values of M4 and CP2 Planck constants for the second phase would correspond to the minimal value hbar0 of Planck constants. For instance, cell could be in quantum superposition of ordinary and high Tc super-conducting phase, with high Tc superconductor characterized by a large M4 Planck constant.

Intentional action would induce a transition to either of these two phases. Sub-system would chose either the lower or higher level in the hierarchy of consciousness with level characterized by the values of Planck constants. This unavoidably brings in mind a moral choice. Intentional actions involve often a choice between good and bad and this choice could reduce to a choice between values of Planck constant. Good deed would lead to higher value of Planck constant and bad deed to a lower one. This interpretation conforms with the earlier view about quantum ethics stating that good deeds are those which support evolution. The earlier proposal was however based on the assumption that evolution means a gradual increase of a typical p-adic length scale and seems to be too restricted in the recent framework.

For instance, in cell length scale the cells of the geometric future could be in quantum critical phase such that large hbar phase corresponds to high Tc super-conductivity and low hbar phase to its absence. In quantum jump cell would transform to either of these phases. The natural interpretation for the transition to low hbar phase is as cell death since the communications of the cell to and quantum control by the magnetic body are lost. Ageing could be seen as a process in which the transitions to small hbar phase begin to dominate or even the quantum criticality is lost. A model for the quantum criticality based on zeros of Riemann zeta developed here,here, here, here, and here allows a more quantitative view about what could happen in the phase transition.

For more details see the chapter Time, Space-Time and Consciousness.

Quantum model for Priore's machine

Theoretician encounters sometimes inventions which work but seem to defy all attempts to understand them. Even more, it seems a complete mystery how the inventor has ended up with his device, unless one accepts the idea that the inventor was working under the guidance of some higher level conscious entities. Priore's machine demonstrated to heal cancer certainly belongs to this category. Although the biological effects of the Priore's device are described in high detail, the construction of the machine, which is very complicated, is described in a very sketchy manner (see U.S. Office of Naval Research Report on the Priore Machine, 16. August 1978 here). This makes it difficult to see what is essential and what is not.

During years I have used Priore's machine as a kind of testing tool for TGD based quantum model of living matter. The frustrating experience has been that I have not been able to understand the real function of Priore's machine although I have identified which many of the most essential pieces in the puzzle. The most recent view about quantization of Planck constant and about hierarchy of dark magnetic bodies using hierarchy of EEGs to control biological body and to receive information from it motivated take a new look on Priore's machine.

And then the flash came! I realized that the microwave radiation with frequency 9.4 GHz corresponds to the frequency of Josephson radiation at k=1 level of dark matter hierarchy defined by the hierarchy hbar= 2k11hbar0 forming the basis for the TGD based model for hierarchy of scaled variants of eEG. The corresponding energy turned out to be exactly the Josephson energy 80 meV associated with the cell membrane resting potential! Thus the function of microwave radiation could be regeneration of Josephson radiation essential for the generation of scaled up variant of EEG.

The basic function of Priore's machine is to artificially regenerate a level in the control hierarchy involving scaled variants of EEG, which is not present in the cancer tissue so that quantum bio-control fails. Priore's machine would do a lot of things.

  1. Priore's machine would create the magnetic body corresponding to this level, it would creat also the rotating plasmoids responsible for realization of quantum control and carrying magnetic fields with strengths 612 Gauss and 1224 Gauss used by Priore's machine, and also regenerate the scaled up variant of cell membrane with size scaled up by a factor n=211 characterizing the corresponding Planck constant hbar=2k11hbar0, k=1.

  2. Priore's machine would establish scaled up variant of EEG including the needed cyclotron radiation and Josephson radiation, stimulate plasma wave patterns by microwave radiation at plasma frequency, and perhaps also generate temporal codewords representing control commands of the immune system by modulating microwave radiation.

  3. Priore's machine would also provide the metabolic energy needed to achieve all this. In particular the highly energetic electrons and X rays with energies up to 300 keV would be needed to give for electrons their high cyclotron energies measured in tens of keV:s. Electrons could be also kicked to space-time sheets with sub-atomic size scale and their dropping would provide metabolic energy quanta up to 258 keV for k=131 space-time sheet.

The constraint that the generalized EEG is precisely scaled up version of the ordinary EEG fixes the model for the function of the Priore's machine essentially completely.

The chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time contains the model for Priore's machine.

Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time

The claimed mechanisms of homeopathic healing and the method of manufacturing homeopathic potencies are not the only paradoxical aspects of homeopathy. Also the reported frequency imprinting and entrainment, codes based on field patterns, and associative learning of water look mysterious in the framework of standard physics.

1. Frequency imprinting and entrainment

Frequency imprinting and entrainment at preferred frequencies are believed to be fundamental for homeopathy and acupuncture. The data suggest that water builds representations for the chemicals it contains as space-time sheets containing water in liquid crystal form. These space-time sheets reproduce relevant part for the spectrum of rotational frequencies of the molecule in rigid rotor approximation. Also the mimicry of vibrational spectrum using sound waves can be considered possible. Besides LC water blobs also magnetic mirrors consisting of magnetic flux tube plus parallel MEs pop up naturally in the original model of frequency imprinting and entrainment.

The basic objection is that if the space-time sheets are in thermal equilibrium, the scenario partially fails in the case of fundamentally important rotational and conformational spectra which are in microwave region. TGD however suggests that also inherently dark atoms identifiable as anyonic counterparts of ordinary atoms are possible and have the same energy spectrum as ordinary atoms, and that the notion of atom and molecule generalizes to what might be called N-atom/molecule having energy spectrum scaled up by a factor 1≤ N≤ λk, hbar (k)=λkhbar0. In this case various vibrational and rotational frequencies would define a hierarchy of dark energies which can be above thermal threshold. In particular, rotational and conformational microwave spectra of bio-molecules have dark counterparts with energies above the thermal threshold. Otherwise only cyclotron energies and plasma oscillation energies can be above thermal threshold at sufficiently high levels of dark matter hierarchy.

2. Scaling laws

Homeopathy seems to involve two kinds of scaling laws which seem to be closely related. What I call scaling law of homeopathy states that homeopathic frequencies appear in pairs (fh,fl) of high and low frequencies such that their ratio is given by fh/fl≈ 2× 1011. TGD approach explains this ratio predicts a generalization of the law. v=Lfl scaling law tells in TGD framework how the frequencies associated with generalized EEG code for the velocities of physiological waves and their frequencies fh= cfl/v. The general model for motor control by magnetic body predicts this scaling law.

3. Model for the homeopathy

The model of homeopathy must explain the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies manufactured by a repeated dilution and succussion. This can be understood if part of chemical involved is transformed to dark matter and is also represented by water clusters or dark super-nuclei formed from protons. This minimal representation involves thermally stable dark cyclotron frequencies. If inherently dark atoms and molecules with essentially same energy spectrum as ordinary ones are possible, also the mimicry of vibrational and rotational spectrum is possible by clusters of dark water molecules.

One must also understand why homeopathic remedies are manufactured from molecules which basically cause the symptoms to be cured. The explanation is that the presence of molecules mimicking the poisonous molecule makes it possible to sweep the poisonous molecules "under the rug" if they enter the organism. In the presence of Bose-Einstein condensates of dark photons generated by the mimicking p"../articles/, the poisonous molecules drop to dark space-time sheets where they are harmless: the mechanism is generalization of induced emission.

The model should also explain the associative learning and field codes. The presence of a hierarchy of dark matter levels leads to a model for how magnetic body performs motor control in terms of dark plasmoids and their quantal plasma oscillation patterns and receives sensory input from the biological body and experiences it as a kind of somatosensory representation along entire magnetic body. It would be the magnetic bodies at higher levels of dark matter hierarchy which learn rather than mere water. Context sensitive field codes emerge naturally as codes involved with all bio-control, in particular that of gene expression.

The charge entanglement by W MEs is the essentially new element in the model for generalized motor actions by magnetic body. Also the telepathic sharing of mental images could rely on charge entanglement. The reduction of charge entanglement can induce a quantum jump to a state in which local Bose-Einstein condensates become exotically ionized with certain probability depending on the intensity of W field. These Bose-Einstein condensates define pixels of generalized motor maps. Plasma oscillations in turn induce various physiological responses such as Ca++ and Mg++ waves and nerve pulses in turn giving rise to the generalized motor action. Field code is the correspondence between the spatio-temporal pattern of plasma oscillations and generalized motor action.

4. Some applications

The model of the magnetic body and the mechanism of motor control based on plasma oscillations of plasmoids can be tested by finding whether it allows to understand various enigmatic findings. Priore's machine which is a device demonstrated to induce a cure of cancer by somehow stimulating the immune system defines one such application. The findings of Sue Benford about intentionally produced tracks and dots in nuclear emulsions and microwave hearing and closely related taos hum define further applications. There is experimental evidence that electromagnetic stimulation can be used to transfer genetic information imprinted in field patterns between organisms belonging to different species. The idea about genes responsible for genetic self engineering and responding to field patterns representing foreign genes pops up naturally in dark matter inspired vision.

The general model for the magnetic body allows also to sharpen the model of remote mental interactions. In fact, these effects would be only a scaled-up exogenous versions of the effects appearing endogenously in cellular length scales and also in astrophysical length scales in communications between magnetic bodies and corresponding biological bodies.

For details see the revised chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time.

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