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Year 2010

Model for the Findings about Hologram Generating Properties of DNA

The findings of Peter Gariaev and his collaborators have provided a test bed for many basic ideas in TGD inspired biology. We worked out with Peter a model for some particular findings of his group providing support for the notion of magnetic body. The interpretation of data is in terms of a photograph of the magnetic body of DNA sample and therefore also of dark matter at it. The model provides also a more detailed model for how living systems could build holograms about themselves and environment and read them. The article will be published in the first issue of the newly found journal DNADJ (DNA Decipher Journal) appearing in January. The preprint can be found at Scireprints and also at my homepage.

A TGD inspired model for the strange replica structures observed when DNA sample is radiated by red, IR, and UV light using two methods by Peter Gariaev and collaborators. The first method produces what is tentatively interpreted as replica images of either DNA sample or of five red lamps used to irradiate the sample. Second method produce replica image of environment with replication in horizontal direction but only at the right hand side of the apparatus. Also a white phantom variant of the replica trajectory observed in the first experiment is observed and has in vertical direction the size scale of the apparatus.

The model is developed in order to explain the characteric features of the replica patterns. The basic notions are magnetic body, massless extremal (topological light ray), the existence of Bose-Einstein condensates of Cooper pairs at magnetic flux tubes, and dark photons with large value of Planck constant for which macroscopic quantum coherence is possible. The hypothesis is that the first method makes part of the magnetic body of DNA sample visible whereas method II would produce replica hologram of environment using dark photons and produce also a phantom image of the magnetic tubes becoming visible by method I. Replicas would result as mirror hall effect in the sense that the dark photons would move back and forth between the part of magnetic body becoming visible by method I and serving as a mirror and the objects of environment serving also as mirrors. What is however required is that not only the outer boundaries of objects visible via ordinary reflection act as mirrors but also the parts of the outer boundary not usually visible perform mirror function so that an essentially 3-D vision providing information about the geometry of the entire object would be in question. Many-sheeted space-time allows this.

The presence of the hologram image for method II requires the self-sustainment of the reference beam only whereas the presence of phantom DNA image for method I requires the self-sustainment of both beams. Non-linear dynamics for the energy feed from DNA to the magnetic body could make possible self-sustainment for both beams simultaneously. Non-linear dynamics for beams themselves could allow for the self-sustainment of reference beam and/or reflected beam. The latter option is favored by data.

See the chapter Model for the Findings about Hologram Generating Properties of DNA.

Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?

Most people assign the word "love" to the word "life" as their first association. There is a notable exception to this: scientists including biologists. Un-educated layman might however wonder whether one can understand life without identifying any physical counterpart for this notion (, which could be replaced with that of compassion, sex, or ability to act synergetically or just X if some of these notions sounds less un-scientific). Certainly the word "love" stimulates a deep feeling of disgust in a reductionistically conditioned scientist. But isn't the duty of scientist to win this kind of feelings and try to see whether this identification might be possible after all? The prize could be high: the understanding of what distinguishes between living and dead matter could change the entire culture. Who knows, maybe it could be possible to identify some poorly understood fundamental biological process allowing a quantitative model using a guess for what this physical correlate could be. The basic step of metabolism is at the core of life and indeed poorly understood, and I shall argue that the identification of the negentropic entanglement as the counterpart for the notion of love could allow to model quantititatively what happens in this process.

Before continuing general motivating comments about implications of negentropic entanglement are in order.

  1. Ordinary bound states are stable because they have positive binding energy. One can visualize this kind of binding as a jail: the second particle resides near the bottom of a potential well. Organized marriage is a social analogy for this situation. Negentropic entanglement makes possible bound states for which binding energy can have and perhaps even has always a wrong sign. The state is not prevented from decaying to free p"../articles/ in state function reduction by energy conservation: Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) takes care that they remain correlated. The social analogy would be a voluntary marriage based on love. Partners are competely free to leave but want to stay together. One implication could be explanation for the stability of highly charged basic molecules of life such as DNA and ATP.

  2. The presence of the negentropic entanglement implies the directedness of the biological processes since the outcome of the state function reduction would be far from random since the behavior of negentropic bonds could be almost deterministic. In the case of time-like entanglement this would select only particular initial final state pairs so that determinism would emerge also in this sense and could lead to almost deterministic irreversible cellular automaton behavior characteristic for the living matter very different from the reversible determinism of classical physics and very difficult to understand in quantum context.

  3. The determinism would of course be only partial and would allow volition not spoiled by randomness of quantum jump. This would provide a general explanation for the ability of the living matter to overcome the second law basically implied by quantum randomness predicted by the standard quantum theory. This would happen in time scales shorter than the time scale of the appropriate causal diamond (CD) only but one would have hierarchy of CD meaning that in arbitrary long time scales there are levels of hierarchy at which second law is broken. The hierarchy of Planck constants would be also crucial since it would allow zooming up to arbitrarily long time scale. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and cellular automaton models could be seen as phenomenological descriptions for the actual breaking of second law in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds.

I do not bother to do the painful transformation of the the tex file to html so that the reader interested in details can just click the six page article Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?.

For background see chapter Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time.

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