Anomalies related to the classical Z0 force and gravitation

TGD based concept of space-time predicts several new effects.

  1. The dark matter associated with rotating macroscopic objects should generate Z0 magnetic fields and this suggests that the behavior of rotating objects should exhibit anomalies. A special signature of effects of this kind is parity breaking caused by the parity breaking couplings of the classical Z0 field to dark matter. The Z0 electric fields generated by astrophysical bodies are predicted to be completely negligible as compared to gravitational fields but the topological light rays carrying Z0 fields could induce interactions over astrophysical distances. Z0 fields in length scale below cell size are predicted to be quite strong as compared to gravitation.

  2. The mere rotation of a 3-surface carrying magnetic or Z0 magnetic fields should induce electric or Z0 electric fields whose divergence gives rise to vacuum charge density. Charge conservation suggests that this gauge flux must flow to a second space-time sheet carrying opposite net charge.

  3. In TGD the time orientation of given space-time sheet need not be the standard one and this allows the possibility of negative classical energies. If this kind of space-time sheets are created, energy production with apparent efficiency greater than unity becomes possible. At the space-time sheets with negative time orientations classical fields should propagate from future to past making in principle possible to see to the geometric future of, say, astrophysical objects. Amazingly, the highly science fictive notion of negative energy space-time sheet finds support from the basic classical physics. The total energy associated with the topological field quanta emitted by particle a condensed to larger space-time sheets is the natural geometric correlate of potential energy. Potential energy can be negative only if one allows also negative energy space-time sheets.

  4. A further TGD based element is related to the fact that 3-surface can be regarded as a generalization of point like particle. This means that 3-surface behaves like single coherent whole: in particular, classical fields oscillating coherently in arbitrary long length scales are possible and can give rise to an apparent propagation of effects with infinite velocity. The notion of pair creation from vacuum generalizes. For instance, pairs of space-time sheets with vanishing total classical energy can be created from vacuum.

1. Some gravitational anomalies

  1. TGD predicts the possibility of anomalously large time dilation effects due to the warping of space-time surfaces, and the experimental findings of Russian physicist Chernobrov about anomalous changes in the rate of flow of time provide indirect support for this prediction.

  2. There are quite puzzling observations related to the behavior of rotating stars. These observations are in a dramatic conflict with the standard wisdom about finite propagation velocity of signals and with the idea that classical fields propagate in future direction only. The possibility of space-time sheets with negative time orientation and classical fields propagating from geometric future to geometric past plus the possibility that 3-surfaces of even astrophysical size can behave like particle like objects, could explain these mysterious effects.

2. Anomalies related to Z0 force in astrophysical length scales

  1. Allais observed that the oscillation plane of Foucault pendulum changes during solar eclipse. NASA performed the same experiment during 1999 eclipse but the processing of the data is still going on. The presence of moon could cause a modification of dark Z0 laser beams emitted by Sun as synchrotron radiation and modify the contribution of Z0 electric field to Z0 force experienced by dark matter component of the pendulum. The effect is predicted to be observed only in the shadow of Moon created by Sun. Allais has observed also 24 and 25 hour periodicities in the oscillation of Foucault pendulum can be understood in terms of Earth's modification and the lengthening of the period associated with the Moon's screening due to the rotational motion of Moon around Earth.

  2. Shnoll has shown that the rate distributions for radio active decays and chemical and biochemical processes do not converge to single bell curve but to distributions which have several pronounced peaks. The shapes of the rate curves seem to be similar for widely different reactions (radio-active decays, chemical and biochemical processes) but they fluctuate with time and fluctuation periods correspond to various astrophysical periods: day, month, year,... These anomalies can be understood if astrophysical objects emit Z0 topological light rays interacting with ordinary matter (recall that already nuclei involve dark matter component).

  3. p-Adic fractality predicts that dark Z0 force should become comparable with the gravitational force in cell length scale. Tests of the Newtonian form of gravitational force are recently carried out in length scales 100 μm. There are anomalously large differences related to the measured values of gravitational constant using Cavendish type experiments or their variants. In the classical Cavendish experiment Z0 force is effectively eliminated so that most of these discrepancies could be caused by the redistribution of the gravitational flux between space-time sheets.

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The Notion of Free Energy and Many-Sheeted Space-Time Concept

In this chapter a general vision about new energy technologies provided by the new ontology forced by TGD is discussed, some evidence for the new ontology is considered, and models explaining some "free energy" anomalies are discussed.

The vision about new energy technology has close connections to the basic mechanisms of energy metabolism in living matter in TGD Universe and one cannot avoid even reference to TGD inspired quantum theory of consciousness. The point is that so called time mirror mechanism defines a mechanism of remote metabolism as sucking of energy from remote energy storage, a mechanism of memory as communications with geometric past, and mechanism of intentional action initiating neural activity in geometric past. At the level of technology time mirror mechanism would define a mechanism of energy transfer, communication, and remote quantum control.

1. The new ontology

The ontology of TGD Universe involves several new elements. The notion of many-sheeted space-time means that each physical system corresponds to a space-time sheet, its own sub-universe in geometric sense, and glued to a larger space-time sheet and containing subsystems as smaller space-time sheets glued to it. Many-sheeted space-time leads to the notion of field body distinguishing between TGD and Maxwell's electrodynamics. One can assign to each physical system a field body (or magnetic body) and in case of living matter it acts as intentional agent using biological body as a sensory receptor and motor instrument.

Zero energy ontology states that any physical system has a vanishing net energy so that everything is creatable from vacuum. Zero energy states decompose into positive and negative energy parts. The possibility of negative energy signals is one important implication and a considerable modification of thermodynamics is forced by the fact that different signs of energy correspond to different arrows of geometric time.

Negative energy signals propagating to the geometric past inspire a new vision about communications, energy technology, and remote control. The implications are especially important for the understanding of living matter where both time directions manifest themselves. In neuroscience a radically new view about memory based on the notion of 4-D brain emerges.

The hierarchy of Planck constants implies a generalization of the notions of imbedding space and space-time and macroscopic quantum coherence in all length and time scales at high enough levels of dark matter hierarchy assigned to the hierarchy of Planck constant. The consequences of this hypothesis are powerful: entire cosmos should be in a well-defined sense a living system with dark matter representing higher level conscious entities.

The original motivation for the p-adic physics were the highly successful calculations of elementary particle masses based on p-adic thermodynamics and conformal invariance. The only sensible interpretation of p-adic physics seems to be as physics of cognition and intentionality meaning that cognition is present even at elementary particle level. This implies a profound generalization of space-time concept implying that cognition and intentionality are literally cosmic phenomena but having experimentally measurable correlates in real physics.

2. The new view about energy

The basic idea is that quantum biology could teach us a lot about energy technology. The necessity to carry fuel is one of the drawback of standard energy technologies. Remote metabolism based on sucking of energy by sending negative energy signals to energy storage analogous to a population inverted laser defines what might be called quantum credit card. This is the basic metabolic mechanism of TGD inspired quantum biology. The mechanism could make sense also as an energy technology.

In biological systems the fuel serves as an energy storage and is recycled. Animal cells burn the fuel and plant cells reconstruct it using sunlight as an energy source. Similar recycling of the fuel could make it un-necessary to carry large amounts of fuel. The systems doing the recycling could be seen as primitive life forms and plasmoids are an excellent candidate in this respect. Fuel could be practically any quantum system with two or more states with different energies.

Large Planck constant phases would make it possible to communicate short wave length photons over long distances: say photons with energy of visible photon but having wavelength of EEG photon. This might help to achieve a lossless energy transfer. Topological light rays ("massless extremals") would be in a key role in making possible precisely targeted, dispersion-free and lossless energy and information transfer. They are ideal also for quantum control.

3. Evidence for new ontology

There are surprisingly many well established anomalies supporting the new ontology and these anomalies have been a strong guiding line in attempts to construct a general theoretical framework.

a) There is a considerable support for the notion many-sheeted space-time quantified in terms of p-adic length scale hypothesis. One example is the radiation from interstellar dust having no generally accepted interpretation in terms of molecular transitions. The interpretation in terms of metabolic energy quanta liberated in dropping of electrons or protons to larger space-time sheets makes sense quantitatively.

b) The Bohr quantization of radii of planetary orbits and quantal effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain helped considerably to develop the ideas about the hierarchy of Planck constants. Later a lot of further anomalies have emerged supporting the quantization of Planck constant.

c) Living matter is a gigantic bundle of anomalies from the point of view of recent day physics and the notion of field body combined with p-adic length scale hypothesis allows to develop detailed models for how magnetic body controls biological body and receives sensory input from it. The notion of field body leads also to a concrete model for pre-biotic life based on the notion of plasmoid involving magnetic body controlling plasma phase. Recently a considerable empirical support for this notion has emerged.

4. Podkletnov- and Modanese-Podkletnov effects

The explanation of Modanese-Podkletnov effect shares many common elements with the model of Podkletnov effect and actually led to the correct track allowing to eliminate competing models.

The "dropping" of electrons to the space-time sheets of topological light rays emitted by a critical system would be the key mechanism besides rotation induced charging. During the discharge of the capacitor (Modanese-Podkletnov effect) this mechanism would induce the motion of test penduli. In the case of a super-conductor making repeatedly a transition to a non-super-conducting state (Podkletnov effect) this mechanism would induce the motion of air above super conductor and apparent loss of weight of test particles. Biefeld-Brown effect associated with lifters and corona wind can be explained by the same mechanism as Modanese-Podkletnov effect. Podkletnov effect is enhanced by the em and Z0 charging induced by rotation and thus involves also the em ad Z0 variants of Searl effect.

5. Over unity effects

Over-unity effects are the basic claim of free energy research community. TGD indeed allows temporary over-unity effects: the basic mechanism is the dropping of particles on larger space-time sheets liberating zero point kinetic energy appearing as a basic metabolic mechanism in TGD inspired theory of living systems. This mechanism does not allow a perpetuum mobile: the particles must be kicked back to the smaller space-time sheets and in the ordinary living matter solar radiation takes care of this. There are also anomalies associated with the dissociation of water and hydrogen molecules. The hydrino atom concept of Mills is also closely related to these anomalies and TGD based justification for the notion is discussed in this chapter.

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Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems

In this chapter the anomalies claimed to be associated with rotating magnetic system are discussed in TGD based conceptual framework.

1. The anomalies associated with rotating magnetic systems

In the beginning of the year 2002 I learned about strange effects related to rotating magnetic systems, and the model for these effects has evolved (and is still evolving) gradually during the year 2002 via trial and error process. Several new physics effects seem to be involved.

  1. The rotating magnetic system develops em and Z0 charges and experiences the classical em and Z0 electric forces created by Earth so that the effective weight is reduced or increases (depending on the direction of rotation) as much as 35 per cent. The charging is due to the flow of electrons and possibly also neutrinos from the rolling magnets to the surrounding air induced by the radial electric and Z0 electric fields generated by the Faraday effect inducing vacuum charge density (not possible in Maxwell's electrodynamics). The fact that critical frequencies are different for clockwise and counter clockwise spontaneous rotation implies that classical Z0 force and neutrino currents must be present.

  2. The spontaneous accelerating rotation above critical frequency can be understood as being to a Lorentz torque acting on the radial Ohmic em and Z0 currents in rollers and roller ring. Above the critical frequency the Lorentz torque, which is proportional to rotation frequency, becomes larger than frictional torque, and spontaneous accelerating rotation becomes possible due to the positive feedback. Energetic constraints imply negative feed back and the modelling of this "back reaction" leads to a model of the system based on butterfly catastrophe in Thom's classification of elementary catastrophes and allowing also to understand the effect of the load. Rather precise estimates for the parameters result and allow to quantify the role of the classical Z0 force.

  3. The radial ohmic current of electrons leaking from the atomic space-time sheets of rollers to the space-time sheet of environment explains the presence of plasma around the system. The ionization of the molecules is caused by the electrons from rollers gaining keV energy as they drop from atomic space-time sheets of rollers to the space-time sheets of the environment.

  4. The zero point kinetic energy liberated in the dropping of electrons serves as the energy source making the system an energy source. For instance, the emitted photon carrying zero point kinetic energy can be absorbed by the atom in the uppermost layer. This allows also to transfer the angular momentum gained by the conduction electron current to the roller so that accelerated rotation results. A remote metabolism based on the emission of negative energy (phase conjugate) dark microwave photons absorbed by the dropping electrons is the simplest mechanism providing energy for the magnetic walls and for electrons in collective cyclotron states. Also the remote transfer of angular momentum and remote spontaneous magnetization can be considered.

  5. The latest progress relates to the understanding of the role of material decomposition of the Searl device (layered Nd-nylon-Fe-Ti structure. The model the current flow equilibrium for the 4-layered cylindrical structure gives detailed quantitative picture about how charge accumulates in the interiors of layers and to the layer-layer boundaries emerges. The key finding is that the small electrical conductivity of air requires in the flow equilibrium that the electric field at the outer boundary of titanium layer is amplified by a factor of order $10^8$ to a field which is by a factor of order $10^3$ higher than the critical field inducing di-electric breakdown in air so that the simple model fails. The huge increase of the electric field requires an accumulation of positive charge at Ti-air boundary and explains why the air must be ionized but not its mechanism based on the dropping of electrons to larger space-time sheets. The four-layered structure is used also for the stator: this can be understood if the magnetic field of stator also rotates as is suggested by the fact that its return flux goes through the rollers. The rotation of the stator magnetic field leads to a simple model for the classical behavior of the roller system as a dynamical equilibrium in which the electrostatic torque generated by the rotation of the stator and roller charge distributions induced by Lorentz torque on conduction electrons vanishes as rollers rotate with the same velocity as the charge distribution in the stator.

  6. The formation of the magnetic walls means the emergence of long length scale fluctuations with coherence length much longer than the size of the system. Hence a quantum critical phenomenon seems to be in question and this could explain why the replication of the experimental findings has turned out to be so difficult. There are indeed many conditions to be satisfied. The distance between magnetic walls must correspond to the radius of the stator in resonance. This length scale also corresponds to the wavelength of dark microwave photons emitted in cyclotron transitions and the energy of these photons must also correspond to a zero point kinetic energy liberated as electron drops to larger space-time sheet. The requirement that liberated zero point kinetic energy in the dropping of electron corresponds to the ionization energy of titanium atom for $n=3$ valence electron makes also the phenomenon quantum critical.

2. Other anomalies involving Searl effect

The functioning of Tewari's space-energy generator and N-machine of DePalma can be understood as being based on same principles as the functioning of Searl device. Also other anomalies associated with spinning systems could be understood along similar lines so that the model for Searl device seems to have catched something essential.

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The anomalies in rotating magnetic systems as a key to the understanding of morphogenesis?

During almost two decades I have returned repeatedly to the fascinating but unfortunately un-recognized work of Roschin and Godin about rotating magnetic systems. With the recent advances in TGD it has become clear that the reported strange effects such as the change of weight proportional to the rotation velocity of rollers taking place above 3.3 Hz rotation frequency and rapid acceleration above 9.2 Hz up to frequency 10 Hz could provide clues for developing a general vision about morphogenesis of magnetic body, whose flux quanta can carry Bose-Einstein condensates of dark charged ions with given mass and charge if the hypothesis heff=n× h=hgr identifying dark matter as phases with non-standard value of Planck constant holds true.

The generalization of Chladni mechanism would provide a general model for how magnetic flux tubes carrying charged particles with given mass at given flux tube drift to the nodal surfaces giving rise to magnetic walls in the field of standing or even propagating waves assignable to "topological light rays" (MEs). Ordinary matter would in turn condense around these dark magnetic structures so that Chladni mechanism would serve as a general mechanism of morphogenesis. This mechanism could be universal and work even in astrophysical systems (formation of planets).

The change of weight correlating with the direction of rotation (parity breaking) and rapid acceleration could be understood in terms of momentum and angular momentum transfer by dark photons liberated in the quantum phase transition of many-particle states of dark charged particles to from cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensates giving rise to analogs of superconductivity and spontaneous magnetization.

There is also evidence that the presence of light source below massive object affects its weight by about .1 per cent. This effect could be explained along the same lines. Zero Energy Ontology and the proposed mechanism remote metabolism at the level of dark matter is however needed and this would force to modify dramatically the views about basic interactions at the level of dark matter.

An increase of weight Δ g/g≈ 2× 10-4 is observed for electrets : this number has appeared in TGD already earlier and in TGD framework could have interpretatation in terms of dark matter layer with mass MD≈ 2× 10-4 ME at distance of Moon. More generally, any living system could be accompanied by a magnetic body with this mass fraction and lose it in biological death. Amusingly, this change of weight happens to consistent with the "weight of soul" claimed to be 21 g.

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Did Tesla Discover the Mechanism Changing the Arrow of Time?

Negative energy topological light (phase conjugate laser waves) rays provide the fundamental control mechanism in the TGD based model of living matter and appears in practically every mechanism of consciousness as a basic step. This is however not yet the whole story. One should also identify mechanisms allowing to control the generation of the negative energy topological light rays: direct transformation of p-adic MEs to negative energy MEs is probably not enough. The solution to the problem came from an quite unexpected direction. It was the attempt to understand the physics behind the visions of Tesla which led to an identification of a very general mechanism of this kind. I had already earlier discovered that Tesla's scalar wave pulses can be realized as solutions of field equations in TGD framework but the physical interpretation had remained obscure. In this chapter the general vision allowing to understand the findings of Tesla and others relating to binary coils and Tesla transformers are discussed. The basic idea is that the rapid acceleration of charges induced by scalar wave pulses induces generation of negative energy topological light rays as time reversed counterpart of brehmstrahlung. The solutions of field equations describing Tesla's scalar wave pulses are discussed first. Various strange findings of Tesla are discussed at a general level using the resulting over all picture. The chapter ends with the model for the causal anomalies observed in the tunnelling of photons through potential barriers. Back to the table of contents

About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism

The idea of remote metabolism - or quantum credit card as I have also called it - emerged for more than decade ago and zero energy ontology (ZEO) provides justification for it. The idea is that the system needing energy sends negative energy to a system able to receive the negative energy and make a transition to a lower energy state. This kind of mechanism would be ideal for biology, where rapid reactions to a changing environment are essential for survival and there is no time for sending a request for energy.

The model of remote metabolism is applied to biology. It is shown that the basic notions of the theory of Ling about cell metabolism inspired by various anomalies have natural counterparts in TGD based model relying on the notion of magnetic body. Remote metabolism can be considered as a completely general mechanism of metabolism with magnetic body of ATP or system containing it carrying the metabolic energy and sucked from it by the user. In particular, the role of ATP is discussed in Ling's theory and from the point of view of TGD inspired theory of consciousness.

It is easy to imagine new technologies relying on negative energy signals propagating to the geometric past and ZEO justifies these speculations. Remote metabolism could make possible a new kind of energy technology making it un-necessary to carry fuel. The discoveries of Tesla made more than century ago plus various free energy anomalies provide excellent material for developing these ideas, and one ends up with a concrete proposal for how dark photons and dark matter could be produced in capacitor like systems analogous to cell membranes and acting as Josephson junctions and how energy could be sucked from "large" magnetic bodies.

The model identifies Josephson frequency with the subharmonic of the frequency characterizing the periodicity of a periodic voltage perturbation assumed to correspond to cyclotron frequency in biological applications. Together with quantization conditions for charge and effective Planck constant leads to precise quantitative predictions for capacitor like systems acting as dark capacitors. Also a relationship between the magnetic field at magnetic body of the system and the voltage of the capacitor like Josephson junction emerges.

The predictions allow new quantitative insights about biological evolution as emergence of Josephson junctions realized as capacitor like systems both at the level of cell, DNA and proteins, and brain. heff can be related to Josephson frequency and cyclotron frequency and thus to measurable parameters. heff serves as a kind of intelligence quotient and its maximization requires the maximization of both the voltage and area of the membrane like capacitor system involved. This is what has happened during evolution. Indeed, the internal cell membranes, cortical layers and of DNA double strand in chromosomes are strongly folded, and the value of membrane electric field is roughly twice the value of the electric field for which di-electric breakdown occurs in air. Even 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance frequency can be understood in the framework of model.

The properties of Tesla's "cold electricity" suggest strongly interpretation in terms of dark matter in TGD sense. This leads to a proposal that a transition to dark phase occurs when the value of voltage equals to the rest mass of charged particle involved. This criterion is generalizes to the case of cell membrane and relates the values of heff, p-adic prime p, and threshold potential for various charged particles to each other. The idea that nerve pulse corresponds to the breakdown of super-conductivity as a transition from dark to ordinary phase receives additional support. The resulting picture conforms surprisingly well with the earlier speculations involving dark matter and p-adically scaled variants of weak and color interactions in biologically relevant length scales. An extremely simple mechanism producing ATP involving only the kicking of two protonic Cooper pairs through the cell membrane by Josephson photon is proposed. Also the proposal that neutrino Cooper pairs could be highly relevant not only for cognition and but also metabolism finds support.

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Summary of TGD Inspired Ideas about Free Energy

A summary of the work done in an attempt to understand free energy phenomena in TGD framework is provided: this includes some slightly updated chapters from the book "p-Adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy". Some new ideas ideas and devices related to free energy are discussed.

The ZPE approach is compared with the TGD approach identifying dark matter as a hierarchy of phases of ordinary matter characterized by non-standard value of Planck constant heff=n×h. The general ideas behind anomalous hydrolysis of water are introduced, and a TGD inspired model for Brown's gas explaining its anomalous properties is formulated. This inspires a vision about how metabolism in living matter could utilize the mechanisms explaining the behavior of Brown's gas. Back to the table of contents

Ufos, Aliens, and the New Physics

The TGD based view about space-time, time and consciousness allows also to develop ideas about UFOs and aliens, in particular about possible manners by which highly developed civilizations could receive information about remote parts of the Universe and to get contact with other civilizations.

Time mirror mechanism is a basic mechanism in TGD inspired theory of consciousness and it has also technological applications including instantaneous remote sensing of geometric past, communications with geometric past, and instantaneous remote utilization of energy. The TGD based explanation for the experimental results of William A. Tiller about intentionally imprinted electric devices inducing what he calls "conditioning" of simple target systems, suggests that time mirror mechanism might even make possible remote induction of simple life forms, about which simplest are perhaps plasmoids. The intelligent looking light balls reported repeatedly by UFO experiencers are indeed identifiable as plasmoids and quite recent experimental findings demonstrate that plasmoids satisfy the basic criteria justifying their identification as simple life forms.

The resulting vision about highly developed life forms and about how they could study the Cosmos allows to resolve Fermi paradox summarized by the simple question "Where are they all?", and reflecting in excellent manner our misguided view about life, consciousness, and physics.

TGD suggests also a mechanism making possible to reduce gravitational and inertial masses of space-ships so that they would behave like very light system as observations indeed suggest. Plasmoids could be living space-ships able to draw their energy from environment by the time mirror mechanism. It however seems that the highly developed civilizations would probably not see the trouble to travel to distant galaxies since it is un-necessary, and the finiteness of light velocity in any case would pose very strong limitations on what they could achieve in this manner.

Chilbolton and Crabwood crop circles can be interpreted as messages telling basic facts about the civilization responsible for their construction. Chilbolton message is constructed using the same format as Arecibo message and tells that both Earth, Mars, and Jupiter are colonialized. These crop circles suggest strongly the existence of intra-terrestrial life and this inspired a model for pre-biotic evolution allowing also a model for the evolution of genetic code. The highly advanced civilization could be identified as either intelligent intra-terrestrials or as ourselves in the geometric future using a technology based on time mirror mechanism to construct crop circles and using less intelligent intra-terrestrial plasmoids to construct the crop circles. Sun is depicted to have a smaller size as in Arecibo message, and Crabwood message came one year and one day after the Chilbolton message: these hints allow to make estimate about the temporal distance of this civilization of the geometric future from us.

The "sacred geometry" of crop circles involving ratios of simple rational numbers, simple algebraic numbers (in particular Golden Mean), and pi, could be an attempt to tell us about the crucial importance of rational numbers and finite-dimensional extensions of p-adic numbers for cognition. If entanglement probabilities belong to an extension of rationals defining a finite-dimensional extension of p-adic numbers, one can assign to entanglement a positive information measure as a number theoretic modification of Shannon's entropy, and the interpretation as bound state entanglement crucial for macro-temporal quantum coherence is possible.

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