The key idea of TGD emerged 1977. Thesis " Topological Geometrodynamics" appeared 1982. Since then I have been developing TGD.

Books about TGD

Besides thesis there are three books about TGD.

  1. Topological Geometrodynamics , 2006. Luniver Press.
  2. Life and Consciousness: TGD based vision, 2014. Lambert.
  3. Topological Geometrodynamics: Revised Edition, 2016. Bentham.
Homepage contains 24 online books about TGD and its applications to quantum biology and consciousness.
  1. 13 online books about TGD
  2. 11 online books about TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology
  1. There are numerous articles giving a view about development of TGD, mostly in journals founded by Huping Hu.
    For the list of references see the CV.

  2. There are articles about TGD at homepage.
  3. There is also an article about adelic physics summarizing the view about number theoretic vision about TGD two years ago.

    Philosophy of Adelic Physics in Trends and Mathematical Methods in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, 241-319, 2017.

Various sources
  1. Homepage.
  2. Blog TGD diary.
  3. TGD can be found in Research Gate.
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